Confindustria, the race to the final rush: Garrone and Orsini divide the votes of Brescia and Bergamo

Confindustria, the race to the final rush: Garrone and Orsini divide the votes of Brescia and Bergamo


A few hours after the meeting of the General Council which on Thursday will designate the new president of Confindustria, the two candidates remaining in the running, the outgoing vice-president Emanuele Orsini and the president of Erg Edoardo Garrone, divide the spoils of votes that the president of Federacciai had collected Antonio Gozzi not admitted by the wise men to the final rush. Yesterday two of the most important territorial associations aligned with Gozzi were called to decide on the choice of their candidate but were unable to do so officially due to lack of unanimity. In Brescia, out of three votes available, according to rumors, 2 would go to Garrone and one to Orsini; in Bergamo there would instead be a draw with two votes each for each of the contenders. Also yesterday other provincial associations made their choice: these are Udine and Varese. Both would converge on Orsini. Which in this way, after having already obtained the support of Reggio Emilia, another territorial area initially aligned with Gozzi, and of Confindustria Alto Adriatico (Trieste, Gorizia and Pordenone, 5 votes in total) consolidates its initial advantage over its opponent which however in turn advances. «Our choice – explained the president of Alto Adriatico, Michelangelo Agrusti – follows the pronouncement of the vast majority of Veneto, all of Trentino, Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna». In fact it is “the Confindustria of the North East” which opposes the North West aligned with Garrone starting from Assolombarda, Piedmont and finally Genoa.

Between now and Thursday, when the 189 members of the Confindustria parliament will be called to vote, however, everything is still possible, thanks to the secrecy of the ballot box and the definition of the latest alliances linked to the assignment of future vice-presidencies and the roles of greater weight in the post-Bonomi organization chart. The shipowners of Confitarma also claim a role and yesterday, through their president Mario Zanetti, they asked the two candidates to put maritime transport at the center of their programs by assigning the sector adequate representation in the future governance of Confindustria.


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