Confindustria to Emanuele Orsini, from Sassuolo to Viale dell’Astronomia: the rise of the Emilian-Roman who loves Labradors and nuclear power

Confindustria to Emanuele Orsini, from Sassuolo to Viale dell’Astronomia: the rise of the Emilian-Roman who loves Labradors and nuclear power


BOLOGNA — Suspended between the construction and food sectors, but also between the world of small and medium-sized businesses to which he belongs and the Roman industrial world in which he has spent a good part of his recent associative career. Emanuele Orsini, born in 1973 in Sassuolo, Modena, he will become the next president of Confindustria. Edoardo Garrone’s retirement paved the way yesterday for this “Emilian-Roman” who in his homeland is portrayed as empathetic and attentive to human relationships, very active during the pandemic period when he dumped his delegation for credit as deputy -president, traveling a lot in local associations.

Many people celebrated yesterday in their Emilia-Romagna, where Alberto Vacchi’s defeat against Vincenzo Boccia, way back in 2016, still stings. This time Emilia did it. Orsini was born on 29 August 1973 in Sassuolo to a family with a long entrepreneurial history. His father Carlo founded Sistem Costruzioni in 1978 after having worked in the ceramic industry, focusing on wooden constructions. His son Emanuele left his law studies after a year and joined the family business in 1992, carrying out all the tasks, from the warehouseman to the purchasing office. In 2014 he became managing director despite some disagreements, later resolved, with his father, and diverted the company from more traditional carpentry to the production of customized systems, also working in the field of reconstructions following the earthquakes in Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Marche, and within Expo 2015. Today the company has Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini among its main partners and also controls the Maranello Village, the first residential complex dedicated to the Cavallino, where Orsini is president. The other branch of business in which the entrepreneur is active arrives in 2020, when his father-in-law Lanfranco Fiandri, founder of the Parma-based Tino Prosciutti, of which Orsini becomes president and CEO, passes away. Overall, the companies managed by Orsini today have a turnover of more than 110 million, of which 72 million for Tino Prosciutti, 40 for Sistem Costruzioni and 17 million for Maranello Village. He is the father of three children, two of which he had with his current wife Claudia, and his collaborators point out that he loves cycling and spending time with his three labradors.

The entrepreneurial career is accompanied by that of the Confindustria and associations. President of Assolegno since 2013, member of Confindustria Modena since 2015 and head of FederlegnoArredo since 2017. Since May 2020, on the recommendation of his region, he has been chosen by Carlo Bonomi as national vice president with responsibility for credit, finance and taxation, and must work to buffer the effects of the pandemic with financing and moratoriums. He was also vice-president and then president of Unicredit Leasing.

In presenting his electoral programme, he impressed the industrialists favorably by speaking off the cuff, unlike his rival Garrone, and focusing above all on a stronger Confindustria in Europe and on the return to nuclear power. He was not stopped even by the attacks related to expenses during his presidency in Federlegno, to which Orsini responded with complaints and complaints. In these months of the electoral campaign he received heavy endorsements, such as that of the CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, Carlo Messina, with whom he often worked thanks to his delegation, but also, in a confidential manner, from government representatives. This aspect is often recalled by his detractors. And yesterday among the first to congratulate was Matteo Salvini.

Orsini now has the task of working for the “unity” of Confindustria, as he himself underlined in a letter signed by Castelvetro di Modena and sent yesterday after Garrone’s withdrawal. But also to commit to the growth of the association that he will lead. “Without distinction between large and small,” he wrote. A way to keep together the two souls that characterize it: Emilian and Roman.


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