Conte (Anasf): “We must raise the cultural level”

Conte (Anasf): “We must raise the cultural level”

ConsulenTiathe three days of conferences organized byAnasfhas now become an important event for thefinancial consultancy industry, a moment of discussion and dialogue but also a meeting place for the many people who work in the sector. “It’s exactly like this: ConsulenTia is not a commercial event, but a cultural event that aims to represent what happens daily in the fabric of Italian families and businesses, and at the same time also the emotional dimension of investors,” he states Luigi Conte, president of Anasf. “We represent the voice of savers, we try to convey their messages and value and we do it in a concrete way, because all the players in the sector are present, therefore our partners, the world of politics and institutions, businesses”. The layout of the three-day Roman event does not change, the graphic concept of the event is new, inspired by nature And animals such as wolf, tiger, eagle and hummingbird. “We tried to represent the financial advisor from an anthropological perspective,” he explains With you. “In a period of great changes, highlighting the virtuous characteristics of the financial advisor, such as dedication, leadership, vision and dynamism, is a way to represent their identity”.

The ConsulenTia24 works will open on Tuesday 19 March (as usual atAuditorium Parco della Musica in Romewhere they will continue until Thursday 21 March) with the traditional appointment “An hour with…” and will continue on the following day with the inaugural conference which includes the report by the president of Anasf, interventions by representatives of politics and institutions and, to follow, the meeting with the managers of the main financial consultancy networks. “It is a highly anticipated event as it is an opportunity to discuss the challenges of the sector. In the coming weeks we will publish the topics that the partners will address in the numerous conferences scheduled”. The last day foresees three Anasf conferences dedicated to the topics of inclusion, motivation and financial education. On the topic of women and young people, Conte underlines, the association is doing a lot, the project mentions “Consultancy, feminine noun”the scholarships dedicated this year to young female consultants, the activities of Anasf Young. “These are all concrete examples, all the activity carried out in terms of motivation and financial education goes in the direction of encouraging the growth of young people, to ensure that they are aware and informed citizens of tomorrow, with the aim of raising their cultural level”. The school, he explains, tends to flatten its educational offering, the time has come to integrate the various reforms into a substantial reform of the school system.

As for the generational changeAnasf’s will is to deal with this issue in terms no longer of replacement, but of interaction. “I believe that a generational bridge can be created between long-lived active financial advisors and talented young people that leads to the production of value through interaction between them”. The changes that characterize this phase also concern regulations, including revisions of existing regulations and directives and the study of new regulations. Anasfits president recalls, was involved in the consultations for the regulation Open Finance and spoke in favor of one simplification of processes, also through the creation of a single and centralized user interface for data management, a clear representation of the freedom to provide or not consent to the use of personal data, but also to ensure that that data is used in an also adequate by operators outside the European Union. On the new one “Retail Investor Strategy” (Ris), the association of financial advisors says it is in favor of the harmonization of the rules regulating the participation of retail investors in the capital markets and the introduction of common rules and practices for the insurance and financial sectors.

Finally, satisfaction with the decision taken by European Commission Of introduce a ban on incentives for mere execution services only. “This means that if there is a qualified, professional intermediary to support the client and to jointly select investment choices, we are in the presence of a consultancy activity and it is very distinct from mere execution services. We will monitor the evolution of the strategy for retail investors, which will conclude its legal process in the next EU legislature, until the objectives of the RIS, shared by the Association, of guaranteeing sufficient protection for consumers and encouraging better market results are achieved and fairer.”

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