Contradictory answer from Minister Işıkhan to the question of apprentices and interns

Contradictory answer from Minister Işıkhan to the question of apprentices and interns

Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat IşıkhanCHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi GürerIn his response to two separate questions from , he gave conflicting information about apprentices and trainees.

Minister Işıkhan, in his written response to Gürer’s question at the Planning and Budget Commission, explained that interns appear to be employed in TÜİK data, “Apprentice and intern etc. Employees in a business receive a certain benefit, salary, social security premium payment for retirement, pocket money, etc. “If it is achieved, it is considered employment.” said. However, Minister Işıkhan, in his response to Gürer’s parliamentary question, stated that they received vocational training regarding the situation of apprentices and interns, and said: “Since the periods spent during apprenticeship and traineeship are not covered by disability, old-age and survivors insurance, it is not possible to accept the date of starting work during these periods as the date of first employment in entitlement to the pension.” made the statement.


CHP’s Gürer evaluated Minister Işıkhan’s contradictory statement regarding the interns and said:

“Data about employees is shared with the public by TÜİK. It is reflected to the public with data regarding the decrease in unemployment. However, the reality is that unemployment is not decreasing, it is increasing. In addition, apprentices and trainees are also shown as employees. However, in the ministry’s responses, apprentices and trainees are stated to be students. In other words, our children who are shown as students but are not provided with old-age insurance are shown as workers in the ministry’s data.”

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