Creating food with ingenuity and going upstream, CHARM’s wild charm has accelerated growth in the pet food track

Creating food with ingenuity and going upstream, CHARM’s wild charm has accelerated growth in the pet food track


The past few decades of rapid development of the pet economy have been a period of carnival for pet food brands and consumers. They have jointly built a “other economy” worth hundreds of billions, making mainland China one of the best supermarkets in the world. The “Pet Industry Blue Book: China’s Pet Industry Development Report 2024” shows that the number of pets in China will increase to nearly 200 million in 2024, and the size of the pet market will increase to nearly 250 billion yuan. A big enough cake will spawn enough brands and products, and consumption power will increase. Laman consumers also have more consumption choices.

It is undeniable that after years of development, the pet food industry has entered a new development cycle, and the market structure, competitive environment and marketing model have undergone tremendous changes. In the face of an increasingly sophisticated market and consumers with increasingly diverse needs, it is difficult to have a single dominant brand, and most of them are inferior products that have been eliminated by the increasingly sweeping waves. What truly stands at the forefront of the market is healthy pet food that puts quality first and ensures safety.

CHARM, a pet food brand imported from the United States, has always regarded pet food safety as the lifeline of the brand. All its products meet the American AAFCO standards and the United States Department of Agriculture USUD certification, and have been certified by multiple international authoritative quality control agencies. The cooperative production factories are affiliated to the European Union’s independent production institutions and have EU EU product qualification certification. There has been no recall accident in 60 years. In the industry, such product standards are rare.

What consumers really care about, in addition to heavyweight brand qualifications and authoritative endorsements, is more important than visible quality and tangible guarantees. Fortunately, CHARM possesses both of these wild charms, allowing it to swim against the current of the pet food market and achieve growth “acceleration”.

CHARM’s product quality assurance first stems from the brand concept: “Create pet food that best meets the natural dietary needs of dogs and cats, and accompany the healthy growth of furry children.” Under the guidance of this concept, CHARM’s wild charm uses biology as the basis, simulates the diverse hunting of pets in the wilderness, and creates the core product of “seven kinds of meat in one meal” supplemented by low-glycemic raw materials, rich fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Natural ingredients, each of which has been carefully selected, are not only safe and healthy, but can also meet the different needs of pets at different stages.

CHARM has a global raw material supply chain and selects materials according to local conditions to fully ensure the high quality of ingredients, especially meat ingredients: for example, beef comes from North America, mutton comes from New Zealand, and a variety of fish are taken from the natural and pure Atlantic basin. …There are not many pet food brands in the industry that can achieve this.

The wild charm of CHARM is visible and tangible. On the ingredient list, the ratio of various meats and “low-glycemic” raw materials is clear at a glance. It can not only satisfy the pet’s eating instinct, but also ensure nutritional health. There are no common “technological additions” on the market, such as artificial preservatives, BHT/BHA, etc. CHARM’s wild charm guarantees five zero additives: no artificial flavors, no harmful hormones, no artificial colors, no preservatives, and no phagostimulants. In addition, according to the regulations of the American AAFCO, the crude protein content of adult cat food should not be less than 26%. Due to different standards in each region, this standard may be difficult for many products on the market to meet, but the crude protein content of CHARM It reached 42%, far exceeding the AAFCO standard.

Consumers are willing to pay for these visible qualities, and are even willing to “plant grass” to promote them. This is also one of the important reasons why CHARM’s wild charm quickly “came out of the circle” and was accepted by more consumers after entering the market. It is also the reason why CHARM’s wild charm has established itself in the United States, which has strict industry standards, and has gone upstream in the fiercely competitive mainland market. power.


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