Critical warning for hazelnuts

Critical warning for hazelnuts

The temperature in the Black Sea region, which has been above seasonal norms for a while, will drop below zero in the future and the risk of frost it will bring with it makes hazelnut producers uneasy.

In the Black Sea region, Turkey’s leading hazelnut production region, air temperatures have occasionally risen to 20 degrees in recent weeks, especially in the coastal and central parts.

Hazelnut producers, who are happy with the opening of cloves (buds) on the hazelnut branches with the warm weather and the formation of tassels that will enable fertilization, hope that there will be no frost, especially in March.

Arslan Soydan, Member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB), said that the air temperatures in the Black Sea Region are above seasonal norms.

Stating that the cloves and tassels on the hazelnut branches bloom early due to the heat, Soydan stated that the process of blooming the cloves and pollinating the tassels is progressing under normal conditions for now.

Soydan stated that the continuation of hot weather poses a risk in case of frost in the coming days, and noted that a similar situation was experienced in 2004 and 2014, and that the agricultural frost that occurred due to sudden changes in air temperature in March had a negative impact on hazelnuts.


Soydan pointed out that if the hot weather continues, early leaf opening may occur in hazelnut buds and continued his words as follows:

“This means that the air temperature that may drop below zero next March may put hazelnuts at risk of frost. Hopefully, this natural disaster will not occur in hazelnuts, which are extremely important for our region and our country. Currently, our producers are satisfied that the cloves are blooming on the branches and there are enough tassels to provide pollination and fertilization.” “But the possible agricultural frost makes us all nervous.”

Soydan also pointed out that hazelnut producers are waiting for snowfall and said:

“Our expectation is that there will be snowfall, but our biggest wish is that there will be no frost along with the snow. Snowfall is very important for both the irrigation of the soil and the hazelnut trees. If the air temperatures continue like this in the coming days, the leaf opening process may begin on the branches. This can seriously damage the product in case of possible frost.” “The next 1-1.5 months are very important for hazelnuts.”


Calling on producers to insure their gardens against possible agricultural frost through TARSİM (Agricultural Insurance Pool), Soydan said, “Applications to TARSİM will end on March 3. We want our producers to make the necessary applications, taking these risks into consideration.”

TZOB Board Member Soydan stated that there is a similar situation in other fruits due to the hot weather and said, “There is a situation of early flowering in many fruit trees other than hazelnuts. There is not much we can do for these fruits, but our producers can get insurance for hazelnuts. I hope hazelnuts are a problem.” “We will get through this process without any problems. This is our only wish,” he said.

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