Current gasoline, diesel and LPG prices as of February 13, 2023

Current gasoline, diesel and LPG prices as of February 13, 2023

Fluctuations in exchange rates and oil prices are reflected in gasoline and diesel prices as discounts or increases. Brent crude was trading above $82 a barrel after closing slightly lower on Monday, while U.S. crude was around $77 after capping its longest streak of daily gains since September.

On the other hand, a new price increase was added to the fuel prices.

Diesel price has increased by 2 lira and 56 kuruş, effective from midnight.

With the last increase, the average liter price of diesel became 44 – 45 TL, effective from February 13. Thus, the liter price of diesel reached a record level.

There was no increase in gasoline prices. After the increase in diesel prices, the gap between gasoline and diesel prices exceeded 5 TL.

Following the last increase in diesel prices, prices have increased by 18.5 percent since the beginning of the year. Since the elections, diesel prices have increased by 129 percent.



Gasoline: 39.34 TL

Diesel: 44.34 TL


Gasoline price: 40.13 TL

Diesel price: 45.1 TL


Gasoline price: 40.34 TL

Diesel price: 45.31TL

LPG is sold for an average of 20 lira per liter..

Prices vary between provinces, districts and dealers.


While calculating gasoline and diesel prices in Turkey; By adding SCT and EMRA share to the duty-free refinery price, the Refinery sales price is calculated excluding VAT.

While calculating the Duty-Free Refinery Price, the daily CIF Mediterranean product prices published in the Mediterranean-Italian market and the daily Dollar exchange rate are followed, and the duty-free refinery ceiling sales price is obtained at a certain price change difference.

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