De León says that the new norm “is in the way” of those who ask for a change in the tourism model

De León says that the new norm “is in the way” of those who ask for a change in the tourism model


The Tourism Minister of the Canary Islands executive, Jessica de León, wanted to show her «maximum respect» before the organizers of the demonstration against tourist overcrowding which will take place on April 20 and will carry the motto ‘The Canary Islands have a limit’.

Faced with this protest that demands a change of model in the Canary Islands, putting the resident as the focus, the head of Tourism highlighted that this new Law comes “precisely to demonstrate that the model change has already begun» and it is just one more part of the Ministry’s program to modify the entire regulatory block that dates back to 1995. «I understand that citizens require us to adapt to the Canary Islands of the 21st century», something that this Law already consists of, to which Others will follow that are necessary due to the pressure that the “coastline suffers from the camps and campsites.”

De León stressed that his Ministry «it’s notsuspicious of being still“, since in nine months “it has begun the journey towards decarbonization, aware of the impact of the tourism sector and the carbon footprint it generates, which has already been reduced by 21% compared to 2022.”

Furthermore, he stated that he is “more worried because people have nowhere to livebecause there is a drought or because of the mobility problem » that because citizens call for a “legitimate demonstration.”

In his opinion, “the Tourists are not to blame for the fact that there are no homes in the Canary Islands», something that happened, in his opinion, because «the political class that managed this community failed when it comes to making public housing available to all citizens.

For de León, “the tourist is not to blame either for the current executive has inherited a Canary Islands with four emergencies: water, housing, energy and immigration matters, which we have declared in the last nine months,” he concluded.


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