“Developers are developing their own standards” – Kommersant FM

“Developers are developing their own standards” – Kommersant FM

Kommersant FM columnist Svetlana Bardina talks about how capital developers are improving the level and quality of their properties.

The requirements for modern residential complexes are constantly increasing. Once upon a time, it was enough just to have a home with communications. Today, a new residential property must have a number of technical characteristics in order to be noticeable and attractive in a competitive environment: thoughtful landscaping, modern engineering solutions, high-quality materials in the decoration of public spaces.

With an increase in class, a qualitative increase in the development product is expected. For example, one of the brightest trends in new buildings today is the ability to charge electric vehicles. Less than 15% of the capital’s elite houses have such chargers installed; in 40% the possibility of their installation is allowed. In the premium segment, this figure is 10% and 30%, respectively, according to experts from Sminex. At the same time, customer demand for electric vehicles is constantly growing. There is even a forecast that by 2030, 100 thousand electric cars will be driving on city roads. This will require the development of appropriate infrastructure.

Developers are developing their own standards for placing electric chargers in the parking lots of their high-budget projects. For example, they place wall-mounted chargers to preserve the design concept of the underground space. And the car owner can control electricity consumption through a mobile application.

Qualitative characteristics, in addition to the infrastructure for charging electric cars, also include the dimensions of the parking spaces themselves. For example, a length of just over 5 m and a width of 2.5 m are clearly not enough for large luxury cars.

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