DİSK President Çerkezoğlu, who said that the government is eyeing the ‘people’s table’: Take your hands off

DİSK President Çerkezoğlu, who said that the government is eyeing the ‘people’s table’: Take your hands off

Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (DİSK) started from Istanbul “Justice in Revenue, Justice in Tax” The leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) led the march in Ankara Özgür ÖzelIt was completed with the participation of.

DİSK President Arzu Çerkezoğlu addressed the government and said: “If you want to increase your tax revenues, stop looking at the people’s pockets. Look around you. Look at those record-breaking companies, those making millions from currency hedges. “Take your hands off the bread on our table,” he said. Özel said, “We will support all your justified demands in the square if they are in the square, in the street if they are on the street, in the strike if they are on strike. “We are with you” he said.


The march, which DİSK started from Kadıköy on November 13, was completed yesterday in Ankara, via Gebze, Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Bilecik and Eskişehir, with a wide participation. Çerkezoğlu said that thousands of workers supported them along the way. Çerkezoğlu used the following statements:

“We said that the footsteps of millions of workers trying to survive this high cost of living and tax injustice will be with us. Indeed, we have grown a little more with each step. We know that if DISK marches and workers march, all the darkness will dissipate. We have been protesting for tax justice for two years. We explained our bill proposal. Those who increase the tax burden on us due to the high cost of living, those who do not want to see us, and those who cause our purchasing power to decline further should see this square. “We brought the demand for justice of millions of workers to this square.”

Stating that workers are getting poorer every day, Çerkezoğlu referred to the words of the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan, “There is no person living within the extreme poverty or hunger line.” “This country is governed by a mentality that is so detached from reality that it says this.” said.

Recalling DİSK’s five-article law proposal, Çerkezoğlu listed his demands as follows:

“We want the income tax rate to be reduced to 10 percent, the tax tariff brackets to increase by the revaluation rates, and the minimum wage exemption to be applied correctly to the tax base. We are determined to close an era. “We are closing the era of minimum wage determinations on those show tables.”


CHP leader Özel is “Due to unfair tax brackets, 20 million workers have been losing their salaries and losing their rights since January. In Turkey, 67 percent of taxes are collected as indirect taxes from diapers and the water we drink. In other words, today in Turkey, 10 times the tax collected from the profiteers is collected from the poor. “We object to this unfair tax system.” said.

Photos: Necati Savaş

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