Don’t fall for this trick of insurance companies!

Don’t fall for this trick of insurance companies!

The problem that has been going on for 2 years in the Compulsory Traffic Insurance, which is required by law for 29 million vehicles in Turkey, has reached its peak again in recent months. Many insurance companies that do not offer a quote for a traffic policy that will be cut to 6 thousand 300 TL according to the Tariff, show an error in their systems and do not cut only the compulsory policy.

The public insurance company, on the other hand, gives its dealers the opportunity to issue a 1:1 traffic policy when a motor insurance or elementary policy is issued for use during the day.

Many private insurance companies, on the other hand, accept compulsory traffic policies by adding simple issues such as additional financial compensation and towing service, and making differences as high as 50 percent to the policy price.

At a time when 2 insurance companies in Turkey were gutted and hundreds of thousands of policy victims were created because they were not controlled, no serious sanctions are applied to the companies that insist on not cutting their traffic insurance based on the tariff.

Citizens who wanted the Insurance Supervision Agency and the Competition Authority to step in said that a small effort made by the members of these committees to get the traffic policies of their relatives’ vehicles would be enough for the investigation to begin.

Citizens who cannot renew their traffic policy on the day give up driving.

Vehicle owners, who pay the State Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) in 2023, expect the Ministry of Treasury and Finance to put an end to the game of increased policies with malfunctions in traffic insurance and additional coverage.

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