Economist Song Qinghui: Meilan Group cultivates and develops new productive forces from three aspects

Economist Song Qinghui: Meilan Group cultivates and develops new productive forces from three aspects


The term “new productivity” has not been around for a long time, but its influence and significance are extraordinary. Recently, at the invitation of Jiangsu Meilan Group, from March 21st to 22nd, they visited the Meilan Park in Taizhou, Taixing, Jiangsu, and Jiujiang, Jiangxi to investigate the fluorine chemical industry to see how “new productivity” can be used in this national high-tech enterprise. Landing”.

The development of new productive forces is of far-reaching and important significance to the development of modern enterprises. As new, transformative and innovative productivity factors or forms that appear in the social production process, new productive forces are an important driving force for economic and social development. , it can play an important role in the following four aspects for modern enterprises in improving competitiveness and achieving sustainable development.

The first is to promote enterprise innovation and upgrading. New productivity means technological innovation, capacity improvement and management optimization, breaking the traditional production model and business model, achieving the progress of production process, improvement of production efficiency, reduction of production cost, improvement of production management and optimization of production environment, and then Further enrich product types, improve product quality, and improve product services to help companies expand into new market areas and enhance their market competitiveness.

The second is to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. In the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, the traditional production methods with high energy consumption and high emissions are not only high-cost, but also prone to large losses. New productivity based on green, low-carbon, and recycling can help enterprises reduce energy consumption through transformation and upgrading through technological innovation. Gradually reducing environmental pollution and continuously improving resource utilization efficiency will help enterprises achieve long-term, stable and efficient development.

The third is to cultivate high-quality talents. The development of new productive forces cannot be separated from the support of high-quality talents. By responding to national and local talent policies, adopting attractive incentive mechanisms such as capital market listings, increasing investment in scientific and technological research and development, and providing a good working environment and opportunities, etc. , more and more high-quality talents will actively invest in industries and enterprises related to new productivity. Through the mutual promotion between enterprises and talents, talents will provide continuous innovation power for enterprise development, and enterprises will also create more opportunities for the cultivation of new-quality productive talents.

Fourth, developing new productive forces is of great significance to improving the country’s comprehensive strength. The development status of modern enterprises can reflect the actual situation of national economic development. The role of new productive forces in promoting enterprises, such as technological innovation, industrial upgrading, green development, etc., will also be reflected in the national economic and social development one by one. The number, scale and achievements of these enterprises are important supports for the country’s status and influence in the global economy.

Developing new productive forces is a specific requirement for development in the new era, and it is also a practical need of modern enterprises in the fierce market competition. At the same time, from the perspective of the country and its social responsibilities, modern enterprises should do their best to develop new productive forces based on their actual conditions.

After on-the-spot investigation and research in many places in Jiangsu and Jiangxi, in summary, Meilan Group has the following three practical “path maps” for reference by the market in accelerating the cultivation and development of new productive forces.

First of all, adhering to scientific and technological innovation is an important foundation for Meilan Group to develop new productive forces. In every industrial revolution, technological innovation is an important driving force for industrial development. In particular, national high-tech enterprises like Meilan Group, which are related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, have always attached great importance to research and development and technological innovation, focusing on cutting-edge technologies and products in the industry, and constantly launching market-competitive products and services. At the same time, Meilan Group has also established close cooperative relationships with many universities and scientific research institutions to share R&D resources to the greatest extent possible, accelerate the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and further enhance the company’s market competitiveness.

Secondly, digital transformation is an important path to promote the development of new productivity of Meilan Group. In the era of mobile Internet, the digital economy plays an extremely important role in economic development. It was observed at the inspection site that through digital transformation, Meilan has initially formed a digital Meilan and a smart Meilan. This move has laid a solid foundation for the future realization of a “black light factory (a factory where intelligent robots complete production by themselves)” Base.

Finally, talents are the key “source” for the high-quality development of Meilan Group’s new productivity. No matter what era, talent is the foundation for enterprise development. Therefore, Meilan Group attaches great importance to building a development platform for young and middle-aged employees to promote their growth and success in their positions. At the same time, Meilan Group has also established a complete talent introduction, training and incentive mechanism to truly make the best use of talents. Meilan Group, which has been established for 66 years, has developed into one of China’s top 500 petroleum and chemical companies precisely because it has generations of outstanding successors, glowing with great brilliance and charm.

(Introduction to the author of this article: Song Qinghui, a famous economist, vice chairman of China’s 50-member Independent Economists Forum, special commentator on editorials in many media outlets such as Rule of Law Weekend and Times Weekly. He has appeared in many media outlets at home and abroad, including Xinhuanet and Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po He opened a column in the media and was awarded the “Most Influential Financial Observer Award” by Securities Times in 2015 and the “Outstanding Contribution Award for China’s Industrial Research and Development” by Smart China in 2021. In addition, he also serves as the social quality supervisor of China Quality Miles Tour, Chief Economist of Qinghui Think Tank, Distinguished Economist of China Financial Innovation Research Institute, Researcher of Internet Ecology Research Institute, Special Commentator of “Fengmang” of Hunan Radio and Television, etc. His main research fields are economic system reform and financial market. He has published “One book to understand the new economic normal”, “Strengthening a Strong Country: Understanding China’s Economic Hotspots in One Book”, “Bedside Economics”, “Resilience of a Big Country” and other popular economics works.)


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