Economy. Taylor Swift, 11 new French people… five surprises from the 2024 billionaires ranking

Economy.  Taylor Swift, 11 new French people… five surprises from the 2024 billionaires ranking


The 2024 ranking of the magazine’s 2,781 billionaires Forbes increases by 141 names compared to the previous edition, and totals 14.2 trillion dollars. That’s five billion “each” on average… but the reality is much more disparate. And reveals some surprises.

Taylor Swifta first in music

Many other artists are or have already been billionaires. But the case of Taylor Swift is unique: the 34-year-old American singer, 2,545th in the ranking, becomes the first artist – woman or man – to have crossed the billion mark thanks to income from her music alone. In 2024, Forbes estimates his wealth at 1.1 billion dollars… an increase of 360 million in a single year !

This is largely thanks to the economic benefits of his event tour The Eras Tour, with 152 dates around the world. This concert series alone is said to have produced more than a billion dollars in revenue, a record. Including 190 million dollars for the singer… even though the tour is only due to end on December 8 in Vancouver (Canada). THE movie The Eras Toura montage of three of his concerts, also collected $261 million in revenue.

In total, since the start of her career, Taylor Swift has earned more than $500 million from royalties and concerts. Performer, but also author or co-author of almost all of her titles, she is also producer or co-producer, which multiplies her income. A shrewd businesswoman, she also re-recorded her first six albums, the “originals” of which her former record company refused to release. In addition to this musical catalog estimated at $500 million, Taylor Swift has built up real estate assets of $125 million and owns a $10 million private jet.

Among the other – rare – billionaire artists, Jay-Z (2.5 billion) or Rihanna (1.4 billion) exceed Taylor Swift… but all owe part of their fortune to investments in activities not directly related to music. Paul McCartney approaches a billion if we exclude the fortune of his wife Nancy (200 million) and Beyonce “only” reaches $800 million.

Young people, especially heirs

“Becoming a billionaire is a rare feat, especially at a young age,” writes Forbes. Who notices that for the first time in 15 years, the 25 youngest “ self made » billionaires are over 30 years old. All the youngest – under 30 – have inherited their fortune, like the Brazilian Livia Voigt, 19, who owes her fortune only to a minority stake in the company co-founded by her late grandfather. father. Or $1.1 billion each for Livia and her sister Dora, 26, who are joining the ranking this year.

This year there is only one newcomer self made billionaire in the ranking: the Japanese Shunsaku Sagami, 33, a specialist in mergers and acquisitions whose company M & A Research Institute Holdings uses artificial intelligence to connect clients. His company’s shares have soared more than 800% since its IPO in June 2022. Most of the youngest billionaires (15 or 60% of them) are from Europe – like the heirs of the Italian EssilorLuxottica.

But most of the time, wealth comes with time: the average age of the personalities in the ranking Forbes is… 66 years old. Or two years more than the legal retirement age in France. The oldest billionaire, an American businessman, is… 102 years old and has $1.7 billion under his belt.

Bernard Arnaultalone beyond 200 billion

Sometimes number one, number two or even number three, in a constant game of musical chairs with Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bernard Arnault (LVMH) has a solid number one position this year. And far ahead of its competitors: Forbes now estimates his fortune at more than 230 billion dollars (around 213 billion euros), far ahead of the 195 and 194 billion of the two Americans. Until now, his assets were only estimated at 197 billion… It jumped by 30 billion, on the one hand thanks to the good results of LVMH, but also to a new method of calculation: the shares held by Bernard Arnault via his holding company, which suffered a 20% haircut, are now fully accounted for. For the record, Bernard Arnault’s fortune only amounted to 109 billion in 2019, and even 34.6 billion just 10 years ago. The only billionaire to exceed $200 billion today, the French champion of luxury has established himself in a comfortable and indisputable first place in the world.

Two thirds of the planet’s billionaires are richer than a year ago… but none have gotten as rich as number four, Mark Zuckerberg : he benefited from a jump of $116.2 billion in his fortune in one year, thanks to the almost tripling of Meta stock.

Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers, first lady

She successfully succeeds her mother Liliane Bettencourt as the richest woman in the world. With just 99.5 billion dollars, L’Oréal heiress Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers only misses – and narrowly – the opportunity to become the first to cross the 100 billion mark. But with 19 billion more in one year, she records the largest gain among all the female billionaires of 2024. First woman, Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers is in 15e position in the general classification.

With 369 out of 2,781 billionaires (13.3%), women remain a very minority but their share is growing year after year: in 2023, they would “only” make up 12.8% of the list. All together, they weigh nearly 1,800 billion dollars, or 12.6% of the 14,200 billion of the total fortune of billionaires. And, above all, 240 billion more than last year.

53 French people including 11 new

France takes first place with Bernard Arnault, but not only that: in total, 53 billionaires in the ranking are French, according to Forbes. Including 11 “news”, most of them far behind the unbeatable Bettencourt, Wertheimer and Pinault.

Helena and Rémi Dassault only appear at… 1,330 place in the ranking. They became billionaires at the ages of 34 and 22 respectively, after the accidental death of their father Olivier Dassault. The former LR MP and 361st world fortune at the time had died in a helicopter crash in March 2021. His widow, Natacha Nikolajevic, 57, also joins the ranking in the same place, and for the same dramatic reasons.

Less known to the general public, the heirs of Yves Rocher, his grandson Bris and his son Daniel Rocher settled in 1,380e place in the ranking. Their fortune is estimated at $2.4 billion each. To the 2,152e and 2,287e places follow Marie-Hélène Peugeot-Roncoroni and Robert Peugeot, heirs to the family of automobile manufacturers. In the luxury sector, the designer of shoes with red soles Christian Louboutin enters at 2,410th place in the ranking Forbes, with 1.2 billion dollars. Dassault Systèmes CEO Bernard Charles joins 2,545e place, tied with the founder of Interparfums Jean Madar – 1.2 billion dollars each. Finally, the president of Interparfums Philippe Benacin enters at the bottom of the ranking, at 2,692e place, with just a billion dollars.


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