Écully. A labeling operation at Carrefour Ecully against the fragility of French agriculture

Écully.  A labeling operation at Carrefour Ecully against the fragility of French agriculture

“Imported products = less sovereignty. » At the Carrefour d’Écully this Tuesday, November 21, around ten farmers volunteered to put these labels on imported products. Meat, fruit, vegetables, processed products, no section is exempt.

Launched by the Young Farmers (JA) of the Rhône and the Departmental Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FDSEA), this union action “French food: soon FAIM? ! » aims to “alert the vulnerability of France’s food sovereignty”, explains Pascal Gouttenoire, president of the FDSEA.

False traceability and non-recognition

Label sheets in hand, farmers walk the displays, scrutinizing the origin of the products. “We are targeting imported food when it could be produced on French soil,” explains the trade unionist, seizing a tray of chicken “of French origin” but actually coming from Belgium. We are not against importation. But it is to the detriment of French agriculture. »

The importation of agricultural products remains very lucrative, as foreign production is not subject to the same constraints and production costs.

Another source of tension: the misleading traceability of products. Since 2011, European regulations have imposed an obligation on companies to be transparent about the origin of products sold raw to their customers (fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, etc.). But on the Carrefour shelves, posters still mention French food products that are actually imported.

One of the mobilized farmers, Élise, gets exasperated: “The customer has the right to know where the products really come from, and our work must be recognized! »

Broad union mobilization

Present on the shelves, Thierry Roeckel, director of Carrefour d’Écully, demonstrates his support: “We are sensitive to the condition of farmers in our region, and favor the local anchoring of our products. » Despite this, the labels of the two unions are quickly removed after the farmers have passed through the shelves.

Union action is not limited to one brand: multiple medium and large stores were targeted this Tuesday, November 21 in the Rhône. She is part of the national movement “We walk on our heads!” #AgriSousPression” launched several weeks ago.

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