Elon Musk against Tim: “It hinders the launch of fast Internet”

Elon Musk against Tim: “It hinders the launch of fast Internet”


ROME – Starlink, the company controlled by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, claims that the rollout of high-speed internet in Italy is being hindered by Telecom Italia, with possible repercussions on its services across southern Europe and North Africa. The agency reports it Bloomberg.

In a complaint submitted to the Italian communications regulator (Agcom) and the Ministry of Business (Mimit) late last week, Starlink – according to a document seen by Bloomberg – claims that Telecom Italia has not complied for months with the rules requiring it to share spectrum data for avoid frequency interference with its equipment.

A Telecom Italia spokesperson, responding to a request for comment from Bloomberg, rejected the “partial reconstruction of the facts which “do not take into account ongoing discussions”.

According to Musk’s company, the lack of access to data is significantly slowing the installation of new gateway equipment owned by Starlink. The company also urged Mimit to push Telecom Italia to do everything necessary to cooperate on frequencies.

Starlink writes in the document that it would be forced to move investments from Italy to other European countries if the situation remains unresolved.


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