Elong Hotel won the Starlight Award for “Mid-to-high-end hotel brand with investment value of the year”

Elong Hotel won the Starlight Award for “Mid-to-high-end hotel brand with investment value of the year”


On March 28, at the 2024AHF Asia Hotel and Tourism Forum and the 19th China Hotel Starlight Award Ceremony, “Elong Hotel”, the hotel brand of Elong Hotel Technology Platform under Tongcheng Travel, won the Starlight Award for “Annual Investment Value” high-end hotel brand”.

Ms. Xi Dandan, CEO of Elong Hotel Technology, said that she is very happy to see that Elong Hotel has been recognized by the industry in just three years. This honor is not only a recognition of the Elong Hotel brand, but also a recognition of Elong Hotel Technology. platform for sure. In the future, eLong Hotel Technology will continue to anchor the long-term vision of “committed to becoming the most trustworthy accommodation ecological platform”, cultivate more excellent hotel brands, provide users with more diverse travel accommodation experiences, and continue to provide accommodation industry investors with Create value.

Elong Hotel is the main mid-to-high-end hotel brand of Elong Hotel Technology Platform. Its core customer groups are elite business travelers and parent-child family customers. At present, Elong Hotel has signed 60 stores in China and has opened 19 stores, covering the core business districts of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Fuzhou, Hangzhou and other cities. According to the overall development plan, Elong Hotel will enter the milestone stage of 100 stores in 2024.

Innovative and considerate product design, advanced operating concepts and refined services are the core advantages of the Elong Hotel brand. In terms of products, Elong Hotel focuses on creating a relaxing and stress-free space, and carries out many micro-innovations in terms of peace of mind and travel efficiency; in terms of services, Elong Hotel has launched the “Exclusive Butler Cheng Xiaoyi Service System”, with Cheng Xiaoyi’s exclusive With housekeeping as the core, we can meet customers’ “understand me” needs in a 360-degree manner. Cheng Xiaoyi’s exclusive butler is the “WeChat + store + real person” exclusive butler service launched by Elong Hotel. The entire process covers every experience scene of the guest’s stay and conveys the warmth of Elong. The design of Cheng Xiaoyi’s system achieves differentiated service positioning with a lower room-occupancy ratio, maximizing the benefits of investment on the basis of improving service experience, customer satisfaction and repurchase rate.

Elong Hotels has inherent advantages in the coordination of the entire accommodation industry chain, online marketing and operational empowerment, and can provide investors with excellent asset operation solutions. Among them, in terms of industry chain collaboration, Elong Hotel has joined forces with industry chain partners such as Tongyi Technology, Lvzhi Technology, and Elong Smart Linen on the Elong Hotel Technology Platform to provide property investors with material procurement, intelligent system development, etc. Full-chain services; in terms of operations, Elong Hotel’s marketing center can provide investors with data diagnosis and professional guidance such as hotel location selection, revenue pricing, user portraits, etc., by connecting online and offline resources to enhance hotel online marketing. capabilities to achieve effective revenue management.

In addition, in order to further improve the square footage efficiency of hotel property assets, Elong Hotel has created a new “1+7” diversified franchise model by combining innovative revenue-increasing projects developed with the resources of Elong Hotel’s technology platform. The “1+7” model includes 7 major hotel add-on items: “Poke Tea”, “Robot Coffee”, “Yifang Haowu Mall”, self-service check-in machine, Chengcheng robot, ETV smart TV, and “Feiermeng” children’s room . Investors can choose appropriate income-increasing projects based on property conditions and customer demand characteristics to achieve the goal of diversifying income.

As a hotel brand widely recognized in the industry, Elong Hotel has both the “soft power” of product and service innovation and the “hard power” of refined operations. The relevant operating indicators of the opened hotels are quite eye-catching. For example, the average OCC (occupancy rate) of Shanghai Elong Hotel in 2023 is 85.7%, the ADR (average room rate) is 797 yuan, and the RP (average revenue per room) is 683 yuan, with a maximum of 1,513 yuan. It is the leading OTA in the country. It maintains a high score of 4.8 on the platform. Hangzhou Yilong Hotel, which opened in July 2023, completed the construction of 281 large-scale rooms in just 120 days, and achieved performance requirements ahead of schedule with a growth rate of 25%.

Elong Hotel Technology Platform is a comprehensive accommodation industry platform under Tongcheng Travel that integrates hotel management, information technology and procurement trade. Currently, it has Meihao Wine Management, Yicheng Wine Management, Perin Wine Management, Ancheng Wine Management, and Qingteng Wine Management. Many wine management companies have settled in, including Yijia Wine Management, Liangcheng Wine Management, Ai Esports Wine Management, Meicheng Wine Management, Jicheng Wine Management, and Japan Yili Wine Management.


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