Emanuele Orsini new president of Confindustria, Edoardo Garrone retires

Emanuele Orsini new president of Confindustria, Edoardo Garrone retires


ROME. He surprise shot. 24 hours after the new meeting of the General Council called to elect the new president of Confindustria, the president of Erg Edoardo Garrone calls himself out. After «strong fractures and strong tensions», Confindustria «does not need a candidate to be able to win by a few votes, perhaps the result of excessive ‘commitments or exchanges’ which for me are intolerable and unacceptable», writes the Genoese entrepreneur announcing a step back in the race for president. «Only by supporting a single candidate and putting him in the ideal condition for strength and autonomy, can we guarantee the best governability for our Confindustria» adds Garrone.

Who then explains that his «is a renunciation which personally costs me a lot, but which I trust will lead to a behavioral and substantial turning point, making me and us proud of having done it and of having contributed to a necessary historical change, expressing a way of being at service of the system and not a system that serves itself.”

Garrone, who enjoyed the support of Assolombarda and Piedmont and of entrepreneurs of the caliber of Marco Tronchetti Provera, Emma Marcegaglia, Diana Bracco and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, therefore gives way to the outgoing vice president Emanuele Orsini who for days had been indicated as a possible winner of the dispute . According to the latest counts, over 110 votes out of the 189 total of the Confindustria parliamentarian were attributed to him thanks to the support of the territorial associations of Emilia, part of Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli as well as of Unindustria Roma Lazio and a large part of the South. It is not excluded that at this point, given Garrone’s step backwards, also given the good relations between the Genoese entrepreneur and Orsini, some representatives of his team could find a place in the new Confindustria summit that Orsini will have to indicate on April 18th in order to strengthen the unity of the confederation called to navigate certainly stormy seas in the coming years.


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