Embracing the cultural genes of the Industrial Bank and vigorously promoting cleanliness and righteousness? Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively carries out activities to build a clean and honest culture

Embracing the cultural genes of the Industrial Bank and vigorously promoting cleanliness and righteousness? Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively carries out activities to build a clean and honest culture

This year is a critical year for the Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch to strengthen the construction of the “Integrity and Integrity” cultural mechanism and implement and improve the plan. In order to ensure the high-quality implementation of various tasks and achieve the expected results, the branch has in-depth carried out the incorruptible financial culture with the unique characteristics of Industrial Bank Construction, by “strengthening education in various forms, strengthening publicity through multiple channels, and consolidating results through multiple mechanisms”, we strive to forge the branch’s staff to be more determined and competent, and provide strong disciplinary guarantees and organizational guarantees for the high-quality development of the branch’s business. .

1. Strengthen education in various forms

Strengthen party spirit while consolidating theoretical study. In combination with thematic education and education rectification, the important expositions on the construction of party style and clean government and the culture of integrity have been included in the key learning content of the Party Committee’s theoretical learning center group, integrated into the Discipline Inspection Committee, the discipline inspection education and rectification study group, and the integrity culture study and education at all levels of the party branch, and widely Conduct intensive discussions to build a solid ideological defense against corruption and degeneration.

Improve the quality and effectiveness of education while stimulating the vitality of party classes. In order to ensure the learning results, the branch organizes and follows up on the implementation of the “Five Ones” series of activities of the anti-corruption micro-party courses of each branch every quarter, and when deploying the “Five Ones” activities of the anti-corruption micro-party courses for the fourth quarter, the branch systematically sorts out the first to third activities of each party branch Quarterly progress, and clearly define the work arrangements that each party branch must implement in the fourth quarter to ensure full coverage of the work. Among them, the branch party committee secretary and the disciplinary committee secretary led the branch party members to visit the Tianjin education exhibition on the theme of comprehensive and strict governance of the party, which made everyone deeply feel that since the 18th National Congress, the Party Central Committee has continuously promoted the party’s self-revolution and vigorously promoted the improvement of work style, strict discipline and anti-corruption. With firm determination, we will lead Party members and cadres to undergo political baptism and Party spirit education, and promote Party members and cadres of the branch to further develop a high degree of awareness of compliance with regulations and disciplines. The branch carefully organized and carried out evaluation of original party courses to encourage branches to improve teaching quality. The branch regards participating in the selection of high-quality courses as a powerful starting point to promote anti-corruption education. It conducts targeted teaching based on the disciplines and regulations issued in recent years, cases that have occurred, prone problems and anti-corruption risk points, etc., and uses vivid examples , ordinary and simple language, tell the story of integrity, share the experience of integrity, and deeply ingrain the concept of integrity.

Cultivate a clean and honest family tradition while inheriting fine styles. The branch carried out the “Four Ten Thousand Families” red inheritance and family support for integrity theme practice activities, actively carried forward the good style, incorporated loyalty to the party into the construction of family education and family style, gave full play to the role of the family in helping integrity, and alerted party members and leading cadres to maintain good family relationships and family ties. close.

2. Strengthen publicity through multiple channels

Make the promotion of clean and honest culture more accessible. The branch produced multiple sets of videos to promote the culture of integrity, which were widely played on large screens and elevators in the building. Some representatives of cadres and employees focused on their own work and talked about their understanding and experience of the culture of integrity, highlighting the integrity of the bank’s young cadres and employees. The spiritual outlook of being upright and honest; some are based on honest and honest poems and poems. By reciting and analyzing ancient incorruptible poems, you can feel the traditional incorruptible culture of the ancients who feared the law but were able to be self-disciplined, knew the integrity and integrity, advocated frugality but valued sentiment, and was full of righteousness.

Let the propaganda of clean and honest culture reach wider coverage. The branch has published many promotional materials on its WeChat official account, published articles in Tianjin Daily, Jinyun Client, Beifang.com and other external media, and continuously updated the Integrity Culture Reading Corner, so that everyone can subtly feel the influence of the Integrity Culture. Enhance the influence and penetration of our bank’s clean and honest culture.

3. Use multiple mechanisms to consolidate results

The branch issued “About accelerating the<清廉兴业文化建设工作规划>“Notice on Relevant Work in the Year of Mechanism Construction”, which clarifies the responsible entities and implementation deadlines for various tasks, and encourages all responsible entities to conscientiously implement them. On the basis of implementing the working mechanism uniformly established by the head office, the branch actively explores and continuously enriches the work content, such as: integrating into all aspects of cadre and employee management: In the branch’s grassroots reserve cadre training class, integrity warning education is included in special training courses, and collective Watch the anti-corruption education video to effectively guide cadres to listen to the Party and follow the Party, and improve their awareness of being honest; the secretary of the branch’s Discipline Inspection Commission conducts pre-entry anti-corruption talks for new party members to build a strong defense line for new party members’ integrity and self-discipline, and fasten the “first responsibility” of party members. “One button”; convened a warning conference on integrity education, combined with the typical cases of violations of regulations and disciplines that have occurred in the branch in recent years, deeply analyzed the root causes of the problems, and done a good job in explaining disciplines through cases; the head of the branch’s Discipline Inspection Office gave fresh college students the first lesson on integrity education , guide new employees to know how to be honest and uphold integrity.

Integrating into the construction of Xingye culture: In order to continuously consolidate and implement the spiritual achievements of the eight central regulations, the Tianjin Branch pays close attention to important nodes such as New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, May Day Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, and establishes a regular pre-holiday integrity warning and reminder working mechanism to innovatively inform the whole country. Party members sent reminder text messages and held special pre-holiday trainings to remind party members and cadres to maintain integrity, live a good integrity, resolutely prevent and control the “four styles” of the festival, and create a clean and upright festival atmosphere.

Exploring the cultural co-construction and cooperation mechanism: Multiple party branches of the branch took the opportunity of “red partner” joint construction to integrate the clean financial culture and business exchanges to jointly build a line of defense for banks and enterprises against corruption. Through special seminars and on-site participation, Strengthen exchanges and learning through visits and other forms, strive to promote the integration and interoperability of party style and clean government construction, give full play to the mutual supervision and mutual restraint between banks and enterprises, and strive to build a new pattern of “co-construction, co-governance, and sharing”.

Improve the supervision mechanism. The Discipline Inspection Commission of the branch insists on taking supervision as its basic responsibility, establishes a supervision mechanism of “knowledge, supervision and promotion”, closely monitors the major decisions and important deployments of the head office party committee, and carries out supervision on all aspects, and carries out “increase revenue and reduce expenditure” by listening to work reports, on-site research and other methods “Political supervision, focusing on “improving the internal control system, implementing financial expenditure standards”, “serious use discipline, standardizing the management of official vehicles”, carried out special supervision in the spirit of the eight central regulations, and further improved the quality of supervision work through learning, thinking, exploration and summarization. Effectively promote the implementation of supervision responsibilities.

In the future, the Tianjin Branch will conduct a comprehensive assessment and summary of the work of incorruption culture construction based on the latest requirements of the head office and the actual situation of the branch’s in-depth advancement of incorruption culture construction, form an overall experience in the construction of incorruption culture, further promote the incorruption culture in the hearts and minds of the industry, and uphold integrity. The ideological foundation of promoting integrity is more consolidated, the atmosphere is stronger, and the distinctive brand is louder.

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