Energy in the suburbs: in Reggio Calabria 60 thousand euros donated to families in difficulty

Energy in the suburbs: in Reggio Calabria 60 thousand euros donated to families in difficulty

There are 116 families supported financially, 180 utilities paid, 200 high efficiency light bulb kits delivered and 60 thousand euros in financing for a budget of almost 600 euros per family, the equivalent of approximately 6 months of electricity or 4 months of gas . These are the numbers of the project Energy in the Periphery to Reggio CalabriaThat Energy bank created in collaboration with Edison and thanks also to the contribution of Signify, Adiconsum Calabria, Network Assist, Asha Fatima Association, New Solidarity Socio-Cultural Association And Alberto Marvelli Solidarity Center.

The initiative, the before the Foundation in Southern Italy, was launched in December 2022 and ended last November 2023 in a particularly vulnerable area, that of Reggio Calabria. Suffice it to say that, if the Italian average of families living in absolute poverty is 7.5%, it rises to 10% if we focus on those in the South. If we look at energy poverty, according to the report Oipe 2023Calabria is the region most affected by the phenomenon with a value of 16.7% compared to a national average of 8.5%, data which makes an intervention that can mitigate the incidence of the problem essential.

The objective of the project was, therefore, to support families in economic and social difficulty who risk not being able to access a minimum basket of energy goods and services. Not only. In addition to paying bills, the project involved association operators and beneficiary families in training meetings. The training events were managed by the dei network Home Energy Tutor (Ted), professionals with expertise in the issues of energy efficiency and energy saving. During the project, periodic monitoring visits were also planned to assist and support them in their journey towards the adoption of sustainable behaviours.

During the day it was announced for 2024 continuation of interventions in Calabria with two projects. On the one hand, the family support activity will be consolidated, involving new beneficiaries Catanzaro and, on the other hand, a pilot project will be launched in the city of Reggio Calabriadedicated toefficiency energy of the homes of particularly vulnerable familiesthrough the replacement of the most energy-intensive household appliances.

Applause for the initiative came from mayor of the Metropolitan City Giuseppe Falcomatà who expressed a positive opinion for the support for Reggio families.

“Energy consumption is probably one of the main expenses in the home,” he said Falcomata – the challenge of conscious consumption, energy efficiency and the progressive reduction of consumption is certainly an objective that must be a priority between now and the next few years, both in the public and private sectors. In this sense I believe that local institutions must do their part, supporting and supporting valuable initiatives such as the one proposed and stimulating a debate, also at a national level, so that policies to support energy poverty are activated”.

“As the Energy Bank we are satisfied with the goals achieved with the Energy in the Suburbs stage – Reggio Calabria, which made it possible to help more than 100 families who experience the difficulty of not being able to fully access energy in their daily lives – he declared Silvia Pedrotti, head of the Energy Bank Foundation – The path undertaken is certainly positive and during the new year we will continue by involving new beneficiaries in the city of Catanzaro and launching a pilot project in Reggio Calabria for the replacement of the most energy-intensive household appliances. A stage, in fact, of a broader path to combat a situation that generates inequalities in those territories where the phenomenon of energy poverty has recorded constantly growing numbers in recent years”.

“We are pleased to continue our commitment alongside the Energy Bank in Calabria – he declares Barbara Terenghi, director of Sustainability of the Edison Group – The response of the families of Reggio Calabria was so encouraging and relevant that it pushed us to support a second edition in this region, historically so linked to our Society, extending the project to Catanzaro too. This is a concrete contribution to fragile families who are part of a community that we care about and which demonstrates attention and sensitivity to the issues of responsible consumption and the sustainability of energy spending”.

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