Eskinazi: Let Izmir be a free city

Eskinazi: Let Izmir be a free city

Western Anatolian Free Zone (BASBAŞ) informed Aegean exporters about the latest developments in the Western Anatolian Free Zone, which it established in Bergama and completed the infrastructure works in the first phase, and the advantages provided to companies that will invest in the region. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, EİB Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi emphasized that the Western Anatolia Free Zone, established in the most valuable region of Izmir, will be a gateway for exporters and invited exporters who want to invest in the region.


Speaking at the “Western Anatolia Free Zone-BASBAŞ Information Meeting” held at the Aegean Exporters’ Associations, EİB Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi stated that many issues that industrialists see as a burden provide very important advantages because they are within the scope of exemption in the Western Anatolia Free Zone and said, “100 percent in free zones.” Advantages such as corporate tax exemption, 100 percent income tax exemption, withholding tax exemption, VAT exemption, free profit transfer, Customs Duty exemption, KKDF exemption, cheap energy use are also supports that provide our exporters with a competitive advantage in international markets. Western Anatolia Free Zone, established in a very valuable place in Bergama with its industrial investments, ports and road connections, offers a very advantageous opportunity for friends who are considering investing. “Thanks to the factories and office buildings made ready for investors by BASBAŞ, the fact that the investor can press the button and start production within 1 month after receiving the operating license, without investing his capital in the building and land, increases the attractiveness of investing in the Western Anatolia Free Zone,” he said.


Stating that finding a place for industrial investments has become very difficult and in some places the prices are exorbitant, Jak Eskinazi said: “In today’s world, where it has become very difficult to find suitable places for industrial investments, and in an environment where land prices exceed 500 dollars per square meter in organized industrial zones, free zones offer great opportunities in this sense. The success of the two free zones in Izmir makes us proud. I believe with all my heart that the Western Anatolia Free Zone will soon be added to this ring of pride.”


Reiterating his proposal to make Izmir a free city in order to attract the investments of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) countries, which were formed by 15 Asia Pacific countries, including world giants such as China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia, Eskinazi said, “Izmir’ I believe that if it becomes a free city, it will quickly reach its goal of becoming the Star of the Mediterranean. For now, we can implement free zones and increase the number of free zones in Izmir. We have three free zones in Izmir that will guide investors in this regard. An experienced team, the founder and operator of two of these three free zones, is with us today. “I have full faith that the Western Anatolia Free Zone (BASBAŞ), which ESBAŞ brought to Izmir, will reach these figures in a much shorter time, benefiting from ESBAŞ’s 35 years of experience,” he said.

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