Essonne: the Winnoland amusement park is recruiting around a hundred seasonal workers for its reopening

Essonne: the Winnoland amusement park is recruiting around a hundred seasonal workers for its reopening

Everything must be ready for March 30, the date of the reopening of Winnoland. For the moment, the amusement park located in Saint-Pierre-du-Perray, in Essonne, is in winter. A few employees are busy maintaining the household and preparing new products. But within a month and a half, we will need to find between 80 and 100 seasonal workers to accommodate families looking for fun and excitement. A recruitment campaign has just been launched for the 17th park season (formerly Babyland-Amiland) which recorded 210,000 visitors in 2023.

“Candidates can send us their CV and cover letter,” announces Steeve Varinou, entertainment and communications manager at Winnoland. Either by email, directly on our site, or by coming on site on February 17 for our job forum. Last year, this allowed us to find Élodie, enrolled in a stunt school. She created the identity of Winno, our mascot. The children loved her so much that she is taking over the position this year. »

Several new features before a mining train in 2025

Ride operators, versatile catering employees, cashier hosts and hostesses at the ticket office and in stores, cleaning agents and even entertainment agents, the positions on offer are very varied. Just like the profiles sought. “We have a lot of students, but we are very open,” continues Steeve Varinou. With or without experience. The main thing is to be available between March 30, the date of our reopening, and November 3. These are 35-hour contracts, paid at the minimum wage. Hours are flexible depending on when Winnoland is open. »

That is to say that at the start of the season, in April, May and June, it is mainly weekends, public holidays and Wednesdays, then the rhythm is more intense in high season. Orlane, 23, “totally” recommends this job. “I have been working at Winnoland since 2018,” confides the young woman. I was 18 then, it was my first job alongside my degree. I came there because I live in Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil, it was very close. I first worked in catering, then in communications. There is a very good atmosphere, most of the seasonal workers are young people my age. »

Since then, she has worked at the amusement park every year. This year, she is even doing her work-study program there for her BTS in tourism. “She is very studious and hyperreactive,” compliments Steeve Varinou. The latter recalls that recruitment in Winnoland has not always been so important.

Growing success

“At the beginning, we didn’t have attraction operators because the rides were autonomous,” he recalls. With the installation of new rides, this increased the numbers. » And Geoffrey Lapère, the general director of the park, specifies: “For several years, we have experienced growing success. We are therefore even more rigorous in the level of recruitment in order to guarantee an impeccable welcome for future visitors. »

With 210,000 admissions in 2023, Winnoland remains the leading leisure site in Essonne. “Even if the 2023 season was marred by the weather,” laments Bertrand, in charge of ticketing. We had a very rainy start to the opening at the beginning of April, as well as the first week of August. Halloween was also not favorable, since we received 7,000 to 8,000 visitors compared to 15,000 or even 20,000 in good years. But overall it’s still a good season. »

Saint-Pierre-du-Perray, April 1, 2023. The Winnoland amusement park (previously called Babyland-Amiland) reopens on March 30 for its 17th season.

For that of 2024, new features await families: the pedalosaurus, a pedal machine for the little ones who cannot board the Pteranodon, the thrill ride inaugurated last year. “We also have a new catering offering geared towards prehistory,” adds Steeve Varinou, “and a new shop, Histoire d’os.”

Before the big news of 2025: “Our mining train!” A roller coaster of which we are already very proud and whose construction is progressing very well thanks to the teams from the Dutch company Vekoma.”

To apply: CV and cover letter by email [email protected] or on the website A job forum will also be held on site on February 17 from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the park, 214, route de Melun in Saint-Pierre-du-Perray (Essonne).

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