EU introduces rules that will make it easier to repair broken products

EU introduces rules that will make it easier to repair broken products

The European Union (EU) is preparing to introduce new rules to ensure easier and more affordable repairs of broken products such as smartphones, televisions, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and bicycles.

At the European Parliament (EP) General Assembly session held in Strasbourg, the document containing the negotiation position with member states regarding the new right to repair rules that will encourage the repair of goods was approved.

Accordingly, consumers will be encouraged to repair broken devices instead of replacing them.

New measures will be taken to strengthen the right to repair. Repair of defective products will be made easier.

Sellers will need to prioritize repairs if it would be cheaper or equal in cost to replace the goods within the statutory warranty period. This will only apply if the repair is inconvenient or inconvenient for the consumer.


Once a product has been repaired, the legal warranty period will be extended for another 1 year.

Consumers will have the right to request repairs for products such as washing machines, televisions, vacuum cleaners, smartphones and bicycles after the warranty period has expired.

To make repair a more attractive option for consumers, manufacturers will be required to loan temporary devices for the duration of the repair.

If a product cannot be repaired, a renewed product may be offered instead.

It will be ensured that consumers do not face high repair costs. Independent repairers and users will have access to all spare parts, repair information and tools at a reasonable price.

In order for the new rules to come into force, the EP and member countries must agree on a common legal text. (AA)

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