Extremadura conveys to the Government the intention to promote regional incentives and strategic sectors

Extremadura conveys to the Government the intention to promote regional incentives and strategic sectors


The Minister of Economy, Employment and Digital Transformation, Guillermo Santamaría, has met with the Secretary General of State for European Funds, Mercedes Caballero, at the Ministry of Finance, to convey the projects of interest to the region that are opting for regional incentives and the valuation of strategic sectors for the economic development of Extremadura.

Furthermore, at the meeting, in which the counselor was accompanied by the general director of the Company, Celina Pérez, the proposal for the exceptional measures of the Extremadura Dynamization Plan.

Santamaría has offered the ministry the collaboration of the Department of Economy of the Junta, as the competent body of the autonomous community, and has made reference to the capacity of Extremadura to offer agile administrative management, dialogue and collaboration in the processing of incentives.

Thus he explained that this meeting has been requested by the government of María Guardiola to inform the Secretary General of State for European Funds that work is being done from Extremadura on the development of four strategic sectors such as energy, agro-industrial, tourism and technology.

“In Extremadura we have a series of exceptionalities in our revitalization plan and what we intend is for it to be tailored to the needs of the economic development of the region,” he noted.

The region is delimited as Priority Economic Promotion Zone. This is State aid for the regions in order to promote the development of the most disadvantaged communities. The regional incentive policy is applied with the aim of promoting regional development by promoting economic activity.

At the moment, the maximum aid ceiling on the approved investment is 30% for large companies, 40% for medium-sized companies and 50% for small companies. They are non-refundable subsidies.

In this sense, it should be noted that, recently, the European Commission has raised 10 percentage points in all cases for all projects requested since January 1, 2024. The Secretary of State has confirmed that the resolution will be published in the BOE in a few weeks and which will be retroactive from January 1 of this year.

The Economic sectors Promotable are the processing industries and their production support services, in addition to tourist establishments and complementary leisure facilities.

Exceptionally, and following a report from the governing council of the central Government, regional incentives may be granted to projects that, not being included in the aforementioned sectors, contribute significantly to the achievement of the objectives of the Exceptional Measures in the Revitalization Plan. Estremadura. In the region they are projects related to construction inputs and nursing homes.

Currently, the General Directorate of Business is working on fifteen files to send the request for large investment projects to the ministry.

Last January, the ministry granted six new investment projects that represent financing of 142 million euros. They will maintain 800 jobs and create 150 new jobs.



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