Failure of control gates at airports: longer waiting times

Failure of control gates at airports: longer waiting times

We must expect an “lengthening of waiting times” at airports this Monday, Paris Airport alert on (formerly Twitter) this morning. In question, a breakdown “of the computer system used by the border police” which affects “the Parafe airlocks. »

These devices enable automated screening of travelers entering and exiting the Schengen area. To use them, you must have a biometric passport and be a European citizen or “national of certain third countries with a biometric passport”. explains the Public Service website. This system “allows border crossing formalities to be carried out in an automated, fluid and rapid manner”, but it is not obligatory. It is also possible to go through classic checks.

The current outage will, however, lead to a “longer waiting time at departures/arrivals”, warns Paris Aéroport, which manages Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle in particular. On X, an Internet user assures that “hundreds of people” find themselves waiting in line at border control. “We are sorry for this wait,” responds Paris Aéroport.

Social movement underway this Monday

The Parafe system is used in several French airports, but also in train stations and the port of Calais. Only Paris Aéroport has, for the moment, reported this computer system failure.

At the same time, air traffic is already disrupted this Monday due to a national social movement. “Cancellations and delays are expected” throughout the day, warns the general directorate of civil aviationwhich invites travelers to postpone their flights.

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