Farmer retirees expect bonuses – Breaking economic news – Sözcü

Farmer retirees expect bonuses – Breaking economic news – Sözcü

It is stated that a new study has been launched so that retired farmers who cannot receive a bonus because they are registered in the FARMER Registration System can benefit from a bonus of 5 thousand liras.

Farmers' retirees expect bonuses

AKP Chairman and President Recep Tayyip ErdoganFarmers who could not benefit from the 5 thousand lira bonus, which was announced to be given only once to retired people who do not work, rebelled against the decision and reacted from the Black Sea Region, the stronghold of the AKP. Hazelnut and tea producers in Trabzon rebelled against the fact that 1 million 629 thousand 730 retired farmers could not benefit from the bonus given on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic, saying “The Chief did wrong to us.”


Stating that he has 5 decares of hazelnut land, retired Recep Söylemez said, “This 5 thousand lira is money for deception, deception. He did not give the normal raise, what would happen if he gave 5 thousand lira? “Under today’s conditions, a retiree should receive at least 20 thousand liras,” he said. Stating that 500 liras were given annually for agricultural land, Kemal Küçük said, “Thanks to them, they got more than what they gave. Does a person ruling the country have the right to tell a citizen, “Don’t work and live with this money?” “The Chief did us wrong,” said Recep Alemdar, and said, “We couldn’t understand to whom this retirement bonus was given, so everyone has something to do with it.” 10 thousand liras to the civil servant interest They did it and didn’t give us anything. “We couldn’t understand,” he said.

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