Farmers affected by the earthquake did not give up agriculture | Economic News

Farmers affected by the earthquake did not give up agriculture |  Economic News

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı said that the number of farmers in the earthquake zone did not decrease but increased. While the efforts for the reconstruction of the region affecting 11 provinces continue, efforts to increase agriculture and animal husbandry and revive it continue. Speaking to Yeni Şafak, Yumaklı said, “There were some losses in the earthquake region, although not in terms of crop production, but in livestock. We replaced them exactly.

In addition, of course, we had cash and grant support, conveniences and positive privileges. But besides all this, our farmers did not give up production and did not leave their villages, businesses and hometowns. We now see that regional agriculture is recovering rapidly. At the beginning of 2023, we had 330 thousand 57 farmers in 11 provinces registered in the Farmer Registration System. At the beginning of 2024, this figure was 338 thousand 371. “In other words, the number of farmers did not decrease, on the contrary, it increased,” he said.


Stating that they have been on the field with all units of DSI and the Ministry of Forestry since the first day of the earthquake, Minister Yumaklı said, “We sent and distributed more than 20 thousand animal tents/tarpaulins to the region for the animals whose shelters were damaged in the earthquake. We provided feeding sugar to our beekeepers and feed support to our livestock. We administered 5 million doses of cattle foot-and-mouth vaccine free of charge. “We will not take our hands off them and continue our support until the manufacturer says we are satisfied with you,” he said.

Stating that they directed the raw milk produced by the growers in the region who did not have the opportunity to market it to producer organizations and the private sector, Yumaklı said, “In this way, we ensured that 431 thousand tons of milk produced by dairy enterprises and breeders were collected and converted into production.” Yumaklı also stated that they have provided 14 billion TL support to producers affected by the earthquake so far.

Pointing out that 20 percent of Turkey’s agricultural production, 19 percent of its agricultural and forestry exports and 17 percent of its total agricultural lands are in the earthquake zone, Yumaklı said that the region is in a strategic position in animal husbandry. Yumaklı continued his words as follows: “It is an important region for agricultural irrigation and drinking water supply with its dams and ponds, where mainly sheep and cattle breeding is carried out. “Also, 12 percent of the country’s fishing is done in the region.”


Reminding that wrong information about dams was shared during the earthquake days, Minister Yumaklı said, “We immediately checked 110 dams and 30 ponds. Drilling work was completed in 143 wells and we did not experience any shortage of drinking and potable water. We carried out maintenance and repair work on 56 kilometers long flumes. “We built a 17-kilometer irrigation canal,” he said.


Reminding that they provided 45 billion lira grant support to 25 thousand projects in IPARD 1 and 2 programs, Yumaklı said, “The grant support amount of IPARD 3, which we are promoting, is 786 million euros. This means an investment of 1.5 billion euros and additional employment of approximately 40 thousand people. “We will also have positive discrimination in supporting the earthquake zone,” he said.

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