Feijóo promises 1,000 euros for the emancipation of young people

Feijóo promises 1,000 euros for the emancipation of young people

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has presented his Housing proposal, a few days after the government partners announced an agreement with ERC and Bildu to unblock the law in the Congress of Deputies. Among the catalog of measures announced by the popular, there is an emancipation aid for young people of 1,000 euros to pay the objective expenses of renting or buying a home. The measure does not have more details, however, PP sources pointed out that the training continues to study the level of income and age to which this aid will be subject.

The popular also defended extend the rental bond young promoted by the Government, and that raised so much dust with the communities governed by the Popular Party. “There are thousands of young people who have asked for it and have been left without it,” he denounced at a meeting held in a restaurant located in the heart of Madrid. Last September, the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, refused to extend the 250 euros per month that this aid distributes for children under 35 years of age.

During the meeting, the leader of the PP offered to “build and agree on the first housing pact in Spain.” An offer to which the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, responded minutes later from the press room of the Council of Ministers. “Words are one thing and facts are another,” said the minister who spoiled the attitude of the regional presidents of the PP with respect to the Housing law. A rejection led by the Madrid president, who even threatened to take the text to court.

Bet on the offer

The leader of the PP also joined the expansion of the public offer. “Let’s make more supply, more supply of housing, for rent and property because if the offer rises there are more possibilities for prices to fall“, he said, while asking for “more legal certainty” for the small investor, but also for the tenant and landlord of an apartment. At the same time, Núñez Feijóo asked to increase the transfer of endowment land from municipalities and CCAA to build homes and assign them with an appraised rental price that is 40% less than the market price.

To all this, add the two measures that the PP advanced last Monday. Specifically, the popular ones proposed guaranteeing 15% of the total purchase of the house. Its objective is that -together with the mortgage loan granted by the bank- the beneficiary obtains 100% of the money they need to be able to acquire a property. In addition, those of Feijóo propose to guarantee the expense of the deposit required for the signing of a new rental contract.

Measures against ‘squatting’

It was not the only flag raised by the leader of the PP. The head of the main opposition party promised to promote a legal amendment to guarantee the eviction of the ‘squatters’ in 24 hours, and harden their sorrows. He also proposed providing more resources to the Security Forces and Bodies and the courts to restore the home to the owner.

Núñez Feijóo also found a place to criticize the housing policy deployed by the Government. The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday the mobilization of 50,000 homes held by Sareb to allocate them for affordable rent, “a few months ago when Podemos proposed it, the Socialist Party said that this is nonsense,” said the Galician.

In addition, the popular joked about the objective of the Executive that intends to raise the public housing stock from 3% to 20%. “If we consider that from now on all the houses that are built, 100,000 a year, are only public, we would need 30 years to get 20%. In other words, we would not get it until the year 2053,” he criticized.

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