Feili Ma will give you an early look at the 2024 Shenzhen International Licensing Show!

Feili Ma will give you an early look at the 2024 Shenzhen International Licensing Show!


The much-anticipated 2024 Shenzhen International Licensing Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 8th to 10th. At the same time, the Shenzhen International Toy Exhibition and the International Baby Carrier and Maternal and Infant Products Exhibition will also be held.

Such an annual event is expected to attract more than 50,000 viewers, which will be a great boost to continue to boost industry confidence, present IP licensing and launch new products. As a frequent visitor to the exhibition, the super IP “Pony Feili” who has signed up to participate in the exhibition in the past three years will continue to make her debut and is waiting for you at 16D09, Hall 16, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  About Philly the Pony

The animation series “Philip Pony: Colorful Wonderland” is a three-dimensional cartoon independently created, invested, produced, operated and distributed by Zhaolong Culture Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. It mainly tells the adventure story of the ponies Feili who established friendship and grew up together in the Colorful Wonderland Magic Academy, and worked together to seal the dark wizard Bagan with magical crystal magic to protect the peace of the Colorful Wonderland.

The cartoon “Philip Pony: Colorful Wonderland” has accumulated high popularity through its distribution in more than 30 countries and regions overseas, its popularity on more than 200 domestic TV stations, and over 200 million views on iQiyi’s entire network. In recent years, it has continued to work hard on a series of film and television works. So far, it has produced and released 4 seasons of “Animal World” knowledge popular science spin-offs, 500 children’s song MVs, 200 episodes of audio story radio dramas, etc., allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the audio-visual level. The magical charm of excellent Chinese comic IP.

  Exhibition Highlights

This exhibition has a centralized display area for the 2024 Chinese and Foreign Toy Awards (Toy Award), which is a permanent awards display area for each session. “My Little Pony” has won the “Annual Potential Product Award” and “Annual Functional Innovation” in the past three years. Award” and other awards. This year Feili Ma has already submitted new products such as “Cucka Shaker”, “DIY Beaded Bracelet” and “DIY Splicing Bag”. Let’s wait and see what other awards she will win!

Every professional licensing exhibition is also an opportunity to showcase the IP brand tone through special booths. “Phili My Little Pony” has been able to leave a deep impression on everyone at the licensing exhibitions in the past three years. The first thing that deserves praise is the booth design. Through the eye-catching style that makes new and old customers stop to watch and take photos, it reveals the important IP advantage of Feili Ma – gorgeous! Just like the derivatives of the Fairy Pony series, environmentally friendly and safe materials, gorgeous design styles, and a strong combination of cartoons and practicality allow Fairy Pony to continue to show vigorous vitality in product sales and licensing business.

Shenzhen International Licensing Exhibition is a high-profile platform for licensing communication, cooperation and exchange. In the past year, Xiaoma Feili has accumulated cooperation through the exhibition covering toys, stationery, clothing, fast moving consumer goods, mother and baby, space applications, amusement equipment and other industries. Authorized customers can gradually build a healthy and complete business landscape by integrating advantageous industry resources and connecting production, circulation to online and offline retail, and demonstrate the hard power of super IP.

Time: April 8~April 10, 2024 9:00-17:00

Location: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall) Hall 16

Booth: 16D09

  Philly the pony is waiting for you!


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