First in Jinan!Three-winged Bird

First in Jinan!Three-winged Bird

Nowadays, when users want to build an ideal home, traditional transformation of the space can no longer bring satisfaction. Instead, they hope to have a higher-quality, more personalized lifestyle of food, clothing, housing and entertainment. Especially for the younger generation of users, some have to be caring mothers while also having to cope with work at any time; some are hard-working workers but also want to live a relaxed and worry-free life. How can we achieve a good life in all aspects?

The three-winged bird brings the answer to the perfect idealist. On April 2, the launch ceremony of “Super Time and Space Transformation Home” jointly created by Sanyiniao and CCTV was officially held, and the warm-up slow variety show live broadcast was launched in Jinan, the spring city. At the scene, Three-winged Bird staff and professional designers communicated with the first user. Through on-site observation of the house conditions and listening to user needs, they customized and created exclusive plans for the next program Ideal Home, which fully demonstrated the Three-winged Bird home appliances and home integration industry. Leading ability.

Depart from Jinan!Enter the new house and customize the ideal home

According to the “2023 Home Decoration Consumption Quality Report”, more than 70% of the main people in home decoration are under 40 years old, and the post-80s, 90s and even the post-00s occupy most of the market. And in the eyes of the younger generation, the lifestyle of food, clothing, housing and entertainment at home has already changed compared with the older generation. More and more people have higher requirements for home space utilization, style unity, and smart experience.

Focusing on user needs, “Super Time Home Renovation” jointly created by Sanyiniao and CCTV is a documentary program on the ultimate smart home renovation, which will carry out extreme house renovation and design for 20 groups of families across the country. So specifically, how will Three-winged Bird break the limitations of traditional home decoration, create an ideal home for users, and achieve the optimal solution to the multi-faceted needs of food, clothing, housing and entertainment?

At the launch ceremony, “Super Time Transformation Home” started a warm-up activity in “Quancheng Jinan”, and had face-to-face communication with the first phase of transformation users. The first step is to conduct an in-depth inspection of the new house. Many professionals and designers on site will understand the layout of the user’s living room, kitchen and other spaces, and discuss the design plan through round-table discussions. Then, the user will listen to the real voice of the user, who expresses his desire to balance life. For example, the kitchen refrigerator should be perfectly integrated with the needs of work. It should be beautiful and convenient for children to cross without tripping. In addition, I hope that the TV in the living room should have a large screen display and be integrated into the overall home design to facilitate daily use for work and meetings, etc.

On the basis of mastering the space layout and user needs, Three-winged Bird has customized an ideal home plan for users through the nesting design platform on site, and has brought the country’s first Three-winged Bird Super Experience Center to Jinan’s latest opening. The integrated customization effect of home appliances and the intuitive display of smart scene experience. In the smart living room, when you go home and push the door, the lights will automatically turn on, the curtains will slowly close, and the air conditioner will automatically adjust to the most suitable temperature. The large screen of the TV, which is ultra-thin and attached to the wall, will be integrated into the home environment, and you can easily interact with the large screen using voice. Online meeting projection can also help users manage their posture and exercise along with the big TV screen; in the smart kitchen, the refrigerator and cabinets are perfectly smooth and smooth, effectively ensuring fresh ingredients while also customizing meal plans and steaming them with one click. The oven is convenient for cooking, and the hidden and embedded dishwasher can also effectively clean the tableware, bringing peace of mind and peace of mind to users.

Next, the country’s first Three-winged Bird Super Experience Center to enter the 5.0 stage will also use the industry’s unique smart home appliance and home integration capabilities to achieve more efficient space utilization and dynamic layout with integration and intelligence. A more reasonable and aesthetically pleasing integrated home appliance service will help users achieve their ideal home. Based on this, Sanyiniao signed an agreement with users on the first launch of the Wanjia Renovation Project, which officially kicked off the “Super Time Renovation Home”.

Three major capabilities to help users across the country realize their dreams of a better life

Not only in Jinan Station, “Time and Space Transformation Home” will also go nationwide to customize ideal homes for users. It’s worth thinking about why CCTV chose Three-winged Bird to jointly create this smart home renovation program? What kind of differentiated capabilities does Three-winged Bird have in helping users find their ideal home?

Satisfy users’ multi-faceted lives, based on scenario design capabilities. Everyone has different needs for an ideal home. As for the industry, those who understand home appliances may not necessarily understand home appliances, and those who understand home appliances may not understand home appliances. However, Three-winged Bird can use the industry’s first integrated smart home appliances and home design platform—— Nesting design can quickly generate design plans based on the user’s real house type. Whether it is a finely decorated house, a rough house, an old house renovation, or a space renovation, it can quickly customize the integrated home appliances plan according to different user needs, bringing the best of customized homes. Excellent solution.

What you see is what you get because of transaction delivery capabilities. Many times, what users want is one thing, but what can actually be achieved is another thing. What should we do about this problem of “what you want is not what you get”? Sanyiniao solves problems for users through “Yi Delivery”, the first integrated delivery platform for home appliances and home furnishings. First of all, delivery is not simply distribution and installation, but pre-positioning delivery standards and becoming part of the solution. Taking the user’s living habits as the starting point, the space layout, cabinet table height, and complete sets of home appliances are integrated to perfectly integrate the life scene solution. : Plan design, technical briefing, water and electricity construction supervision, custom cabinet size reservation, delivery acceptance, etc., full-link management, are all provided by the Sanyiniao platform and user butlers’ considerate one-stop services.

The confidence to satisfy users is due to intelligent interaction capabilities. A real smart home does not simply change the control method, but can truly understand users and actively serve users like a “family member”. To this end, Sanyiniao has the core technology engine of smart home “Haier Smart Home Brain”, which integrates large model capabilities based on the industry’s first vertical domain model HomeGPT, which can realize natural interaction in all scenes and active services in the whole house, making the home more and more comfortable. The smarter. For example, if you casually say “I feel a little cold”, the air conditioner will automatically turn on the heating; if you say “I want to make half a pound of steamed anchovies”, the steam oven will automatically match the optimal cooking curve.

In general, “Time and Space Transformation Home” jointly created by Sanyiniao and CCTV is not only to realize the ideal home in the hearts of users, but also to renew a new and beautiful lifestyle for users. At present, Jinan Station is just a warm-up. Next, Sanyiniao will officially customize ideal homes for different users across the country in the program. Let us wait and see whether it can successfully complete each extreme challenge!

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