Fraud warning from EMRA: It is spreading rapidly on social media

Fraud warning from EMRA: It is spreading rapidly on social media

In the statement made by EMRA, as it is known, electricity production based on renewable energy sources in our country; Reminding that it continues within the scope of the tenders organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources within the scope of our current legal legislation, the licensed electricity production application processes carried out by EMRA and the unlicensed electricity production activities that enable people to meet their own consumption within the scope of EMRA regulations. “There are various obligations that legal entities and real persons must fulfill. In addition to these obligations, electricity generation activities are also meticulously monitored and inspected by our relevant institutions.”

It was emphasized that in recent days, the institutions have received complaints about attempts to mislead citizens through the profit sharing model by establishing ‘Ponzi chain’-like structures, especially based on electricity production from renewable energy sources, and said:

In the process of investing in licensed electricity production, our citizens must definitely check the license status of the companies in question on our institution’s website. If these companies do not have an electricity generation license, it is not possible for them to engage in electricity production activities anywhere in Turkey. In addition, no company can engage in electricity production activities with licenses other than the electricity generation license (such as supply, transmission, distribution). Our institution meticulously monitors the licensing processes and whether the company’s obligations are fulfilled and shares it with the public.

Our citizens should be careful about fraudulent advertisements claiming to “produce electricity from renewable energy sources based on the profit sharing model”, which have started to spread on social media recently, and investments should be avoided if these companies do not have an electricity production license. “Our institution has initiated the necessary judicial and legal processes regarding the relevant advertisements.”

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