From the living nativity scene to the markets: welcome to the “Magical Christmas Land”

From the living nativity scene to the markets: welcome to the “Magical Christmas Land”

There is it Santa’s houseset up inside the Royal Castle of Govone, there are the high beams light installations, like the 17 meter comet and the reindeer sleigh, there is the Living nativity scene of San Damiano d’Asti. But there is also the Christmas market of Asti, with 130 wooden houses set up in the historic center that host artisans and producers from different regions of Italy. It is a unique experience that of “Magical Christmas Land”, the event spread in territory of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato in Piedmontinserted by the European Best Destinations portal for the Best Christmas market among the 10 most important Christmas markets in Europe.

Arrived at 17th edition And scheduled until December 17, 2023, the event represents one of the most anticipated and evocative events at a national level, as well as the driving force of Piedmontese tourism in this period of the year. In the last edition the Magical Christmas Land was stormed by around 500 thousand people, with the involvement of over 2,700 accommodation facilities and 11 thousand tourist operators: proof of the strategic role for the economic-commercial development of the entire territory. An event that is also projected into the future in an increasingly green key. By 2028 the Magical Christmas Land aims to become the first zero impact Christmas eventconfirming his attention towards the environmental sustainability.

Christmas markets are the favorite trip out of town for Italians already in autumn (30.0%). Walking in these enchanted places among decorations, lights, crafts and typical products surpasses tourism in art cities (27.5%) and holidays in the mountains (21.8%). At a distance, in the preferences of our compatriots, weekends on farmhouses in the countryside (12.0%) or exotic holidays abroad (8.6%). This is what emerges from the results of a study carried out by AstraRicerche and commissioned by Magical Christmas Land.

Christmas markets are a rapidly growing form of tourism in our country. Suffice it to say that 9 out of 10 Italians have visited a market at least once and as many as 25 million are fans who have gone to these places several times. A trend motivated primarily by the desire to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere (62%) followed by the food and wine aspect, linked to the tasting of typical local products (49%). And then again by the possibility of purchasing artisanal products (34%) and by being able to talk to small local producers of food and objects (17%).

For Italians, what makes a walk through the Christmas markets a unique experience is the presence of light installations that accompany the visitor along the entire route. In second place we find theculinary experiencemade up of wine and local product tastings and to entertain the little ones musicals, animations and Christmas-themed shows. Guided tours and attractions such as Ferris wheels are less popular. In general, the ideal destination for a holiday during the Christmas period must include a fairy-tale atmosphere, with a leading role for the elves and Santa Claus: 1 in 2 Italians think so. Next, our compatriots indicate the combination that is created between the Christmas spirit, the culture and food and wine of the area and the fact of visiting a cold place, which recalls the mountains, the snow and the woods.

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