Fude Life Zhuangyuanhong Education Annuity Insurance gives wings of hope to children’s success

Fude Life Zhuangyuanhong Education Annuity Insurance gives wings of hope to children’s success


  Parents love their children and have far-reaching plans. How to plan a lifetime for your children is an important issue for parents. Traditional Chinese families have always attached great importance to children’s education. In modern society, education costs are an important expenditure for a family. How to ensure that children can receive sustained and high-quality education while reducing economic pressure at a specific stage is an urgent problem for many families. Proper planning through financial management tools such as education insurance provides new ideas for solving this problem.

  The rising cost of childcare

  This yearIn February, the Yuwa expert team led by well-known celebrity Liang Jianzhang released the “China Childbirth Cost Report 2024 Edition” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). The “Report” shows that the average cost of raising a child aged 0-17 across the country is 538,000 yuan, and the average cost of raising a child from 0 to a bachelor’s degree is about 680,000 yuan. This number is significantly higher than its 2022 version of the report, reflecting that with social and economic development and rising living costs, the financial burden of raising children is also increasing.

  Distinguished by urban and rural areas,The average cost of raising urban children aged 0-17 is 667,000 yuan; the average cost of raising rural children aged 0-17 is 365,000 yuan. In terms of provinces, Shanghai, Beijing, and Zhejiang rank among the top three in raising costs in the country. The average cost of raising a child aged 0-17 in Shanghai is 1.01 million yuan, in Beijing it is 930,000 yuan, and in Zhejiang it is 850,000 yuan. Broken down by child, the cost of raising a first, second, and third child in urban areas is 660,000 yuan, 520,000 yuan, and 390,000 yuan, while in rural areas it is 460,000 yuan, 360,000 yuan, and 270,000 yuan.

  An international comparison of the cost of raising children in China and other countries shows that Chinese families raise a child until just one year old.The multiple of the cost of an 18-year-old relative to GDP per capita is as high as 6.3 times, almost the highest in the world.

  Cope with the stress of parenting with a dedicated education annuity

  Education annuity insurance provides parents with a realistic and feasible solution to ensure the quality of their children’s education and plan for future development within a specific period of time.

  The biggest feature of the education annuity is that it is earmarked for special purposes, which can provide financial support for children at the critical stage of education; secondly, it is safe and secure, and can lock in long-term benefits through contract stipulations and determine the payment time and amount. The third is mandatory reserves. For example, you can save a portion of your children’s lucky money or an adult’s year-end bonus every year for insurance purposes.

  The newly listed Fude Life Zhuangyuanhong Education Annuity Insurance (hereinafter referred to as“Zhuangyuanhong”), you can apply for insurance after you are 25 days old. The maximum insurance age is 13 years old, and the insurance period is until 26 years old. “Zhuangyuanhong” has various payment methods, including single payment or 3 years/5 years/10 years. The insurance liability includes university education insurance, further education insurance, death or total disability insurance and maturity insurance. Insurance benefits take into account education and personal protection.

  Specifically,“Zhuangyuanhong” has the advantages of guaranteed collar, continuous collar and flexible collar. “Guaranteed payment” means that after the insured person takes out the insurance and meets the conditions for payment stipulated in the contract, the insured person will still be alive from the age of 18 to 25 years old, and can receive an education insurance benefit every year. During this period, most people are in college and continuing education. During the further education stage, the insurance money received every year can effectively protect the children’s education expenses. If the insured is still alive when he is 26 years old, he can also receive a maturity insurance benefit. This insurance benefit can meet the funds for starting a business or other life plans after graduation. To sum up, the insured person is from the age of 18 to 261 year old, you can receive it continuouslyWith 9 insurance benefits, the “continuously received” insurance benefits can continue to provide financial support during critical stages of life.The “flexible collar” means that this product can be paired with “Fude Life Ruyibao”AWhole life insurance (universal type)” (hereinafter referred to as “Ruyibao”)Apayment“), “RuyibaoApayment“The insurance period is life-long. If the policy holder meets the conditions for partial withdrawal, he can apply for partial withdrawal from his personal account; at the same time, if he has spare money, he can add the amount to his personal account as stipulated in the contract, and interest will be calculated on a daily compound interest basis. “Zhuangyuanhong” Paired with “Ruyi Bao”Apayment“The combination satisfies the conditions for receipt stipulated in the contract and can realize the value part of the personal account: flexible number of times to receive, flexible time to receive, and flexible amount to receive. This design also enables “Zhuangyuanhong” to meet the needs of different families flexibly and individually customized Diversified appeals have become a good financial planning tool on the long journey of parenting.

  Take this year30Ms. Li, who is one year old, is an example. Ms. Li and her lover have stable jobs and their family is middle-class. Ms. Li recently gave birth to a baby boy. She loves her son so much that she wants to plan education funds for her child in advance.After repeated consideration, Ms. Li insured the baby.“Fude Life Zhuangyuanhong Education Annuity Insurance” has an annual premium of 100,000 yuan for a total of 10 years. The insurance period is until the child is 2 years old.6Year old.According to the contract, from Li Baobao18From 1 year old toDuring the lifetime of 26 years old, a total of 9 insurance benefits can be received, totaling 1.736 million yuan. Among them, the university education insurance has received a total of 368,000 yuan for 4 consecutive years, and the further education insurance has received a total of 368,000 yuan for 4 consecutive years, covering the children’s college and subsequent further studies, providing strong support for the children’s education. When Li Baobao turns 26, he can also receive a one-time maturity insurance premium of 1 million yuan, which can be used as funds to start a family and start a business. During the validity period of the insurance contract, if death or total disability occurs, compensation can also be paid based on the greater of the cash value of the main insurance contract at the time of death or total disability and the actual premium paid.

  In addition, Ms. Li can also choose to match“RuyibaoApayment“, the amount can be added to the personal account as stipulated in the contract, which can effectively cultivate children’s financial thinking. If Baby Li needs cash flow at a certain stage of his life, and in compliance with the contract, he can also use “Ruyibao”Apayment“Account application for personal account partial collection; from the time when Li Baobao turns 18 to 26 years old, the insurance money paid each time by “Zhuangyuanhong” meets the conditions stipulated in the contract, and can also be transferred to the insurance as equity according to the customer’s authorization. The fee automatically enters “Ruyibao”Apayment“Account, interest is calculated based on daily compound interest, achieving secondary appreciation.

  As the saying goes, no matter how hard it is, you can’t hurt your children, and no matter how poor you are, you can’t give up on education. Education is the best gift parents can give their children, which has positive meaning throughout their lives. Prepare for a rainy day, plan early, and make educational reserves to ensure that you can provide strong support when your children need it in the future, so that your love for your children will always be there.


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