Fuerteventura will have the largest Spanish platform for unmanned aircraft

Fuerteventura will have the largest Spanish platform for unmanned aircraft

He president of the Government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, and the president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Lola Garcíasigned this Tuesday, in the Canarian Delegation in Madrid, with the UTE Telespazio Ibérica SLU and Pegasus Aviación SA an agreement to develop projects related to biodiversity, based on data collected by unmanned aircraft, for an amount of 22 million euros.

This agreement supposesAnother step in the launch of the largest Spanish platform that will operate with unmanned aircraft in Fuerteventura, which includes the Solutions, Emergencies and Biodiversity Development Center (ISSEC) to which the UTE will also join.

On the part of the companies, Carlos Fernández de la Peña, CEO of Telespazio Ibérica SLU, was present at the event; and Héctor Tamarit Almagro, CEO of Pegasus Aviación SA. Likewise, the presidents are accompanied by the Minister of Territorial Policy, Manuel Miranda; and Eduardo Pereira González, CEO of the Fuerteventura Technology Park.

In this way, Telespazio Ibérica, the Spanish subsidiary of Telespazio (joint venture between Leonardo, 67%, and Thales, 33%) – a reference company in geoinformation in our country – thus wins, thanks to a Temporary Joint Venture (UTE). ) which leads, together with the company Pegasus Aero Group, a contract of 22 million euros tendered by the Government of the Canary Islands, and financed with European Fundsfor the development of innovative solutions in the fight against forest fires and the protection of biodiversity in the Canary archipelago.

The company will develop these new technologies from start to finish using aeronautical and aerospace vehicles such as drones, pseudosatellites (HAPs and MALE) and satellites in a project that will last almost two years and what will mean the creation of quality jobs and will contribute to the diversification of the area’s economy, strongly linked to tourism and the primary sector.

This project is the most important that is currently being developed nationally and in which this type of aircraft will be used to generate information, which have become a decisive tool for the prevention and extinction of forest fires.

The Government of the Canary Islands needs this technology to fight with more and better resources against fires that hit the islands especially in 2023. Tenerife suffered the worst fire of the entire year in Spain, with almost 15,000 hectares burned, which represents 37% of the wooded area and 19% of all the forest area burned in the country.

With this contract, Telespazio Ibérica becomes a strategic partner of the Government of the Canary Islands at a time of decisive commitment by the aerospace industry from the Fuerteventura Technology Park. Its contribution as a technology driving company will encourage the development of an ecosystem of companies in this sector, especially SMEs, that can benefit from these innovations.

Applications attached to the citizen

Some of the applications of this project will be the observation and monitoring of environmental complexes; the control of natural spaces such as Lobos Island, the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park and the Jandía Natural Park; the control of public heritage of environmental value such as the Tindaya Mountain Natural Monument; and the prevention, early warning and support for the management of forest fires that occur in the Canary Islands.

This program is part of the Canary Islands Geo Innovation Program 2030, promoted by the Government of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo of Fuerteventura. It is a program of Earth observation, intelligent management of the environment and communications.

Telespazio Ibérica is the leading company in Spain in the geoinformation and Earth observation applications market. It has extensive experience in supporting emergency management using satellites and is currently developing new technologies for the monitoring and management of biodiversity using drones with the help of the Xunta de Galicia through the Civil UAV Initiative program.

For the CEO of Telespazio Ibérica, Carlos Fernández de la Peña, «This contract connects perfectly with our company strategy to develop geoinformation applications and solutions that benefit people and that are directly related to sustainability. It further confirms that The commitment we have made to technological innovation with drones and satellites places us as a solid technological partner of the Public Administrations that Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands add.to an increasingly broader presence in other autonomous communities.”

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