Gained authoritative recognition again! Hunan Chuangyuan was selected as “Changsha Enterprise Technology Center”

Gained authoritative recognition again! Hunan Chuangyuan was selected as “Changsha Enterprise Technology Center”


Recently, the Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a list of newly recognized Changsha Enterprise Technology Centers in 2023, and Hunan Chuangyuan was successfully selected. This recognition is another honor for the company after being recognized as a “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” by the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is also another affirmation of the company’s insistence on scientific and technological innovation and development and has achieved new results, further enhancing the company’s Industry influence and competitiveness.

“Changsha Enterprise Technology Center” is an important part of Changsha City’s industrial technology innovation system. It is an assessment and recognition of all aspects of enterprise technology center R&D investment, innovation organization system, scientific and technological infrastructure construction, and talent team cultivation.

Under the guidance of the business philosophy of “Quality wins, Innovation goes a long way”, Hunan Chuangyuan insists on independent research and development, and continues to improve its innovation capabilities through industry-university-research cooperation, technical exchanges and other forms. The company’s overall technical level has reached the leading level in the country, and in some cases The technical level in the field has reached international advanced level.

For example, the company’s “R&D of High-Performance Intelligent Drilling Rig for Underground Caves and Cutting Grooves” project has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements and reached the international leading level; it is one of the only manufacturers in the world to master the rapid positioning technology of hydraulic pillars without pouring foundations; it has broken through foreign standards for underground vertical drilling rigs. With the technical blockade of engineering intelligent equipment, we have developed underground vertical engineering intelligent equipment, technology and software platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, promoting and promoting the sustainable development of intelligent mines in my country; undertaking two national key R&D projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan It has participated in key projects such as special planning projects and major scientific and technological research projects of China Nonferrous Metals Group, and participated in the national standard program “Raise Drilling Rig” as the main drafting unit, and participated in the formulation of “Recommended Procedures for Digital Mine Construction” and “R.commended” as the main drafting unit. Practice for Digital Mine Construction” international standard.

As of now, the company has 91 valid patents and 24 software copyrights. Products equipped with the company’s patented technology are used in leading enterprises such as Jiugang Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Zijin Mining, Jinchengcheng, China Hydropower No. 3 Bureau, China Hydropower Bureau No. 8, Jinshi Resources, Chihong Zinc and Germanium, Shandong Gold, Huaxia Jianlong, etc., and Exported to Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Russia, Tajikistan and other countries, the technical effects are obvious, effectively promoting the mechanization and intelligence process of domestic and foreign mining enterprises, and bringing significant economic and social benefits to customers.

It has been continuously recognized as a provincial and municipal enterprise technology center, which means that Hunan Chuangyuan’s industry influence, innovation ability, technology research and development level and other comprehensive capabilities have been highly recognized and affirmed. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of “win with quality, win with innovation”, keep up with national strategic needs and industry development trends, continue to enhance cutting-edge technology research and development and key core technology research capabilities, promote talent cultivation and the incubation of innovative results, and contribute to Changsha’s global R&D The construction of central cities will contribute to the high-quality development of my country’s mining industry!


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