Still attend regularly Karstadt or shopping at Kaufhof? Or, to put it another way: can you still do that? In the past twelve months alone, 37 branches of the merged department store brands were closed. Particularly affected: medium-sized cities. You are now looking in vain for these dealers in Celle, Cottbus, Neuss, Reutlingen and Hanau. The chain is increasingly becoming a big city phenomenon. For a long time, their concrete blocks formed the core of every German pedestrian zone.

There is still at least one Galeria department store in every federal state. But that could soon change too. Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof is currently going through insolvency proceedings. Once again, it has to be said: it is the third in four years. And another episode of the unprecedented decline of two major German retail brands. At its peak, when Kaufhof and Karstadt were still rivals, there were more than 200 department stores. Now, if things go well, there will be 60 of the current 92.