Garamendi says that he is not interested in the Government ministers but in “the policies they are going to apply”

Garamendi says that he is not interested in the Government ministers but in “the policies they are going to apply”

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, assured this Monday that “I’m not that interested in who the ministers are” of the new Government of Pedro Sánchez as the policies that they will apply from their Departments. “When they ask us, we will talk. But we have already made a statement a few days ago saying what worries us and, therefore, what we are waiting for is to see what the Government’s initiatives are,” said the business leader in statements to the press during his attendance at the XXII ATA Self-Employed of the Year Awards.

The president of the CEOE compared the situation to a soccer match, highlighting that it is like forming a team and progressively adding players. Besides, He emphasized that they will observe how everything develops on a day-to-day basis.reiterating what their current concerns are.

“As Tip and Coll, two very important figures in our country, said, next week, the next, the next, the next, we will talk about the Government,” he concluded.

For his part, Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA, stated during the awards ceremony in Madrid that will continue to defend the rule of law and oppose any amnesty. He expressed his willingness to work with the new ministers, but stressed his commitment to principles such as the separation of powers, parliamentary monarchy, equality between Spaniards, the reduction of bureaucracy, balanced taxation and legal stability.

Amor emphasized the importance of social dialogue and his intention to maintain it in ATA, although he made it clear that they will only reach agreements that they consider beneficial for the country and the self-employed. Besides, highlighted his commitment to maintaining a State position both in agreements and disagreementsand mentioned its alignment with the CEOE’s position.

During his speech, he highlighted the measures of the Andalusian Government in support of the productive fabric and pointed out significant growth in the number of self-employed workers in Spain in the last five years, with a large number coming from Andalusia. A government, that of Juanma Moreno, took the award in the Best Institutional Initiative category, where the Junta de Andalucía was distinguished, for its policies in favor of the self-employed “at a particularly delicate moment,” said Moreno.

The awards

The jury of the annual ATA awards decided to award the ‘Autonomous Award of the Year’ to merchants, represented by the Spanish Confederation of Commerce, unanimously. In addition, the Madrid employers’ association CEIM received recognition in the Association category for its 45 years of experience.

Onda Madrid’s ‘Madrid Works’ program, hosted by Javier Peña, was awarded in the Media category. Regarding their Professional Career, hoteliers Fernando Hermoso, Fernando Córdoba and Antonio Mota were recognized for their dedication to Cádiz gastronomy. Finally, the ‘Entrepreneur Award’ was awarded to the artistic entrepreneur Rosa Lagarrigue, who has accumulated four decades of experience in the field.

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