Garrone recovering, but in Confindustria there is also a dispute over the voting booth

Garrone recovering, but in Confindustria there is also a dispute over the voting booth


Turin — Tension is at its highest between the two remaining candidates in the running to win the presidency of Confindustria, so much so that, on the eve of the General Council vote, they arrive at requests that would not respect the basic rules of Confindustria’s electoral path. Instances, such as that of voting sitting without a voting booth that guarantees privacy, which would in particular undermine the secrecy of the preference of the 187 who will meet tomorrow, in Viale dell’Astronomia, to designate the presidential candidate who will take the place of Carlo Bonomi.

He was also the current number one to say “no” to the request that arrived by the Emilian Emanuele Orsini, one of his deputies, born in 1973, wood entrepreneur with his Sistem Costruzioni and managing director of Tino Prosciutti, a company in the food sector. A vote expressed without a voting booth positioned on the stage, distant from the audience, but in place, would make the expression of preferences more controllable. The traditional formula is better: each councilor will be called individually to make an “x” and indicate his choice on a pre-printed paper card, away from prying eyes or simply from those of his neighbour.

The request, which according to Orsini’s staff, would also have been made by the other contender, Edoardo Garronethe president of the Egr group, one of the big names in the field of renewable energy, and number one of Sun 24 Hours. But the entourage of the Ligurian entrepreneur, born in 1961, claims to have never made such a request. The episode, beyond its merits, indicates the level at which the confrontation between the two has reached. There is the fear that the votes could slip away, even on the part of those who show confidence, such as Orsini’s staff, who for weeks have now claimed that the abacus is in his favor, far exceeding the 100 vote mark. Certainly the Emilian, who was also president of Federlegno, has received at least fifteen votes in recent days coming from the candidate excluded from the essays, Antonio Gozzi. The president of Federacciai and Duferco gave instructions to his supporters to vote for Orsini. And on April 18, if the Emilian wood entrepreneur presents his team of deputies to the General Council, there will be no shortage of men close to Gozzi, such as Giuseppe Pasini of Feralpi. “Only free-exit votes, no agreement”, however, underlined by Orsini’s staff, almost as if to minimize the issue. Also because it is true that tomorrow preferences will certainly come from the area that supported Federacciai’s number one, but these are not armored votes and there is the risk that Gozzi’s name, to a certain part of Orsini’s electorate , especially among small and medium-sized businesses, does not like it. It is therefore better to distance ourselves from the idea of ​​stable agreements and the fact that Orsini will then have to govern, de facto, in tandem with the area that supported Gozzi.

Garrone, on the other hand, did not seek agreements. «I am here by my choice», he repeated several times when he presented the electoral program before the Council. He is convinced that he will get to the end and that he will be ahead of his rival by some preference.

The last undecided territorial associations have tried in recent hours to define an orientation between the two competitors, not always succeeding. The seven votes of Federchimica they should go to Garrone, while Farmindustria is divided, like the associations of Brescia and Bergamo. Verona should lean towards the Ligurian of renewable energy, while Varese would prefer the wood entrepreneur. A decision will be made tomorrow at 11am. Absences will weigh among the 182, remote voting is not allowed, and the behavior of the five, so as to reach the threshold of 187, indicated by Bonomi.


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