Garzón bets on the consulting firm of former minister Pepe Blanco

Garzón bets on the consulting firm of former minister Pepe Blanco

Alberto Garzón, former owner of the Consumer Affairs portfolio and former leader of Izquierda Unida, will sign for the consulting firm of former minister Pepe Blanco. Garzón will join Acento Public Affairs before Easter to occupy the position of director of Prospective GeoPolítico, as announced The confidential and this newspaper has confirmed. However, not everything is closed. The approval of the Government’s Conflict of Interest Office is still missing.

Garzón has been a deputy since 2011 and Minister of Consumption since 2020, when he entered the first coalition government as part of Unidas Podemos. However, last December he turned his career around and permanently left politics. ““We live in unique times that require the widest possible angle.”said the company’s founder in a statement.

Now, Garzón’s case is one more among all the politicians who, after leaving politics, chose to be part of the greats. lobby Spanish people.

revolving doors

The lack of regulation in this regard opened the revolving doors wide, making it possible to hire former ministers, secretaries of state and deputies by firms such as Acento, LLYC (former Llorente and Cuenca), Harmon, Kreab or Vicen Consulting. All of them follow the same line of work: try to influence political, economic and fiscal decisions by taking advantage of the contacts and influences of their past positions for the benefit of their clients.

The firm founded by Blanco and Hernando has gone much further and In the last three years, it has hired politicians of different tendencies to try to monopolize all possible spheres of influence. Thus, two other high-ranking socialist officials also work on his team: Elena Valenciano, who was deputy general secretary of the party with Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba and head of the list in the 2014 European elections and Valeriano Gomezformer Minister of Labor in the last Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

On the part of the Popular Party there are Alfonso Alonso, former Minister of Health during the Government of Mariano Rajoy; Elena Pisonero former Secretary of State for Economy, Energy and SMEs with José María Aznar as president or José María Lassalle, who was Secretary of State for Culture and Digital Agenda. And beyond the two big games, the Acento squad is also completed by Marco Candelawho was a deputy, deputy spokesperson and president of the Unidas Podemos Parliamentary Group in the Madrid Assembly between 2015 and 2019 and Miquel Gamisans, who comes from Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) and who was Secretary of Communication of the autonomous community until 2018.

Accent accounts

The firm reached revenues of 4.47 million euros last year, which is not only more than double that of 2020, but also implies that it has surpassed LLYC (formerly Llorente and Cuenca), a company that until now was the market leader.

Last year, the company founded and headed by José Antonio Llorente achieved a turnover in the Public Affairs sector of 4.43 million in Spain (the global figure rose to 7.73 million). The distance could also have widened significantly this year because LLYC has earned 2.35 million euros at the end of the first semester between Spain and Portugal in the area of ​​public affairs, while, waiting for the results to be made public, Accent would have continued to grow strongly. Although there is no ranking as such, the third position would be for Kreab, according to sector sources, despite the fact that in this case there are no disaggregated figures.


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