Gas storage: Operators believe full gas storage is possible again

Gas storage: Operators believe full gas storage is possible again

The Gas storage operator are confident that the storage facilities can be filled to 100 percent again this year. “It is possible that the gas storage facilities will be completely filled again before the coming winter of 2024/2025,” wrote the industry association Ines. In the current winter a filling level of 100 percent was reached on November 5, 2023.

This Wednesday they were Natural gas storage In Germany it is almost 74 percent full. Despite the cold spell in January, the level is above the historical average, the association wrote. The legal filling level requirement of 40 percent as of February 1st was exceeded. The association no longer expects the gas storage facilities to be extensively emptied this winter, even in extremely cold temperatures.

Ines managing director Sebastian Heinermann emphasized the importance of the storage facilities for gas supply. “During the cold period in January, over half of the gas required in Germany was provided from storage,” he said, according to the statement.

Germany uses around a quarter of its energy needs from natural gas, which is used primarily in industry and for heating. The gas storage tanks are filled up in the summer in order to have enough energy in the winter. Without gas imports from abroad Germany could rely on its gas storage facilities for around two winter months.

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