Haute-Loire. Food Bank’s big collection is ‘of paramount importance’

Haute-Loire.  Food Bank’s big collection is ‘of paramount importance’

The large collection of the Food Bank, scheduled for November 24 and 25, “or even for certain stores on the morning of Sunday, December 26”, according to the departmental president of the association Jean-Marie Guérault, is once again “of great importance capital city “.

A year ago, 35 tonnes were harvested in Haute-Loire

On the one hand because “it represents 25% of our annual needs”. On the other hand, because the number of beneficiaries is increasing while the food received is becoming scarcer, forcing associations to ration.

The entire territory, departmental and national, is concerned. “The period is complicated, the atmosphere is difficult with the increase in prices, even those of basic products », lamented Jean-Marie Guérault this week during a visit to the premises of the humanitarian association in Monistrol-sur-Loire. “This is why we must be present, but also the associations and CCAS which are in direct contact with people in difficulty. I always have trouble pronouncing the word “poor” because it has a pejorative connotation. » The number of beneficiaries is constantly increasing: in September, an elected official from Chambon-sur-Lignon, head of the Food Bank, had sounded the alarm. Lthe Restos du Cœur volunteers also.

Demand is not decreasing, here in Monistrol as elsewhere in the department

Jean-Marie Guérault, president of the Haute-Loire Food Bank

Also, in the three Haute-Loire basins concerned (Monistrol, Le Puy and Brioude), the Food Bank is asking for the mobilization of the public and those who will come to do their shopping during this 39th collection planned in 66 stores in the department (large, medium and small surfaces). The 600 to 650 volunteers from associations and CCAS (a call is launched to join them) will be present at the checkout counters, recognizable by their orange vests.

In Monistrol-sur-Loire, 17 stores are involved, with 150 volunteers from associations and high schools. Last year, in the east of Haute-Loire, 13 tonnes were collected out of the 35 in total during the big collection weekend. That same year, 23.5 tonnes were distributed to 14 associations by the Monistrol branch of the Food Bank out of the department’s total 144 tonnes.

The needs are “great and diverse” according to the Food Bank: pasta, rice, canned vegetables, ready meals and fish, pâtés, purees, oil, coffee, biscuits, chocolate breakfasts, jam, sugars. Hygiene products are also in demand: soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, shampoos, etc.

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