Haute-Loire. Michelin provides aid of 30,000 euros to a reintegration company

Haute-Loire.  Michelin provides aid of 30,000 euros to a reintegration company

An employment bonus agreement was signed between Les Ateliers aniciens and Michelin. The group specializing in tires and based in Haute-Loire in Blavozy undertakes to pay 1,500 euros for each full-time equivalent job created by Les Ateliers aniciens.

The aid applies from December 1 and thus concerns the last four employees hired in October as well as those who will be hired this month. In total, the financial support will amount to 30,000 euros.

“Exactly the type of project we aim to support”

“It’s not philanthropy, it’s our involvement in this area. This is exactly the type of project that we aim to support,” explained Alexander Law, France public affairs and Michelin development director.

A somewhat unusual company, designed to promote the reintegration of people who have been away from the world of work for too long, the employment-oriented company (EBE) Les Ateliers aniciens, which opened its doors last April, continues its development with 16 employees at today and with the prospect of hiring around a hundred people by 2027.

The project is part of the Territory zero long-term unemployed authorization obtained by the Puy-en-Velay agglomeration community in December 2022, it is supported by numerous partners.

Promote the reintegration of people removed from the world of work

The company operates in several sectors of activity: dismantling of openings on behalf of the Vacher company, renovation of furniture and local deliveries in partnership with Emmaüs but also for individuals and professionals, manufacturing of furniture from the wood for pallets and window frames, textile workshop in partnership with local players.

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