Helping the development of the silver economy and writing articles on pension finance? Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank solidly promotes the construction of the pension service system

Helping the development of the silver economy and writing articles on pension finance? Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank solidly promotes the construction of the pension service system


  The Central Financial Work Conference clearly regards pension finance as an important factor in building a financial power.One of the “Five Great Articles”, it points out the development direction of pension finance.As a local legal person financial institution, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively implements the work requirements of the central and municipal party committees and municipal governments, and lists pension finance as an important development strategy for the bank. It adheres to the “customer-centered” service concept and systematicallyformulateTianjin Rural Commercial Bank Pension Financial Service System Construction Plan”, createdThe “Jixianglife” brand implements standardized services of “ageing-friendly-ageing-respecting the elderly” in layers.Efforts should be made to build a high-quality pension financial service system suitable for a modern socialist metropolis..

  Popularize service channels for the elderly

  Adhere to community-based service channels,Against the background that the banking industry is promoting the online and intensive transformation of offline channels, the bank adheres to social responsibilities and strives toThe physical channel layout of more than 2,200 “bank outlets + financial service stations + financial convenience points” ensures the convenience of the last mile of financial services and has become a convenient channel for urban and rural silver-haired customers to enjoy financial services.Create a unique service experience, providing small currency, passbooks and door-to-door services to middle-aged and elderly customers, and regularly conducting financial night markets and financial night schools.Focusing on the functions frequently used by elderly customers, we carried out mobile banking modifications with large characters suitable for the elderly to provide them with“Face-to-face” online video banking services lower the threshold for elderly people to obtain Internet financial services.Provide high-quality services in social security business,Mobile banking is equipped with a special area for social security cards, which enables convenient experiences such as enquiry, application for electronic social security cards and more.Innovatively launched a mobile card issuance model, entered enterprises and communities, provided door-to-door services for special groups, and effectively improved social security businessThe level of convenience of “doing it nearby” has brought a greater sense of gain, happiness and security to the nearly 2.7 million social security card customers in our city.

  Launched elderly care services

   Innovative financial products suitable for the elderlylaunched Jixiang life financial products with the characteristics of long-term and quarterly dividends and liquidity emergency arrangements to provide financial support for residents’ pension reserves and wealth appreciation.Expand banking and pension cooperationoptimize the bancassurance product system, strengthen the service capabilities of long-term products such as annuity insurance and whole life insurance, and cooperate to provide family trust advisory services to meet the multi-level wealth management needs of the elderly.Support the construction of aging-friendly business districts,Build silver-themed outlets and cooperate with Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce to strive to createWithin a quarter of an hour, a convenient living circle for senior citizens has been built, and a “commercial complex” and “information distribution center” for pension finance have been built. Create “Yuelindai” small loans aimed at upgrading business formats in silver-facilitated business districts to support merchants in improving service levels for the elderly.

  Carry out elderly-respecting investment education

  Pay attention to anti-fraud and anti-fraud education,Leverage the advantages of network coverage, focus on the large-value transfer behavior of middle-aged and elderly people, and cooperate with the public security department to build a joint prevention and control mechanism against fraud.Continuously optimize anti-fraud models,Protect the safety of elderly customers’ funds.Conduct a family wealth diagnosistaking pension reserves and the supply of pension financial products as an important part of wealth finance work, carrying out one-on-one advisory consultations for key customers, and providing customers with comprehensive wealth value-added services.

  In the next step, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will accelerate the construction and improvement of a comprehensive and multi-level pension financial service system to help more customers achieve dependence, support and happiness in old age, and satisfy the people’s pursuit of a better life. In order to serve the high-quality development of Tianjin’s economy and do a good jobThe big article “Pension Finance” contributes to the power of rural businesses.


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