Holidays drag abroad – Kommersant FM

Holidays drag abroad – Kommersant FM

In Russia, sales of foreign tours on February 23 and March 8 increased. Many people take a long vacation to cover both dates. As representatives of the tourism industry note, the most popular destinations are the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Egypt and Turkey. Beach holidays on islands, for example, Mauritius and the Maldives, are also in high demand. One of the main trends is early booking.

It was also used by those who refused to travel during the New Year holidays due to high prices, says Artur Muradyan, vice-president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, General Director of Space Travel: “There was a surge at the end of January and in the first days of February. It is due to the fact that many were unable to go on vacation for the New Year holidays due to the high cost and postponed it to dates that were more affordable in terms of price.

Not a bad saving, but if the ruble continues to weaken, demand will likely fall slightly. Relative to the New Year, tours have fallen in price by 30-40%, the average price tag in the Emirates is now 160 thousand rubles. and higher. A trip to Thailand costs about 180 thousand rubles, Turkey, surprisingly, at the level of 120-140 thousand rubles, and this is a good five-star all-inclusive hotel for a week. If we talk about Egypt, then the cost of tours is also in the range of 140 thousand rubles.

It must be said that the price adjustment after New Year’s dates in currency terms occurred in favor of Russian travelers. One problem remains – in a number of popular destinations you will have to compete with Chinese tourists. These dates coincide with the Chinese New Year, which means the price will not be as friendly. For example, in the Maldives there are practically no free places left on the dates of February 23.”

According to the Russian Union of Travel Industry, travel to Europe, namely tours to Alpine resorts, is in demand during the holidays. Families with children also chose this direction. The holidays for schoolchildren who study in trimesters fall in the second half of February, notes Maxim Pristavko, deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Jet Travel holding.

According to him, the budget for such a trip largely depends on the country that tourists choose for a holiday in the Alps: “If they go to Austria, then, as a rule, they fly to Vienna and get from there by train or some other way. If we are talking about Switzerland, then these are flights to Zurich. Flight options via Istanbul or Turkish Airlines cost about 65-80 thousand rubles, these are flights via Yerevan and Baku. As for accommodation, prices vary greatly.

For example, in Italy it is quite possible to stay in a three- or four-star hotel with breakfast and dinner included for €500 per person per week, which is quite cheap. If we take the same hotel in France or Switzerland, then the amount will be two to three times more, and besides, ski passes are gradually becoming more expensive. The average bill for a tour starts from 350 thousand rubles, maybe 400 thousand rubles. per person.”

In Russia, the most popular region for holidays on February 23 and March 8, according to tour operators, was the Krasnodar Territory, largely due to ski holidays in Sochi. This week, due to a storm and landslides, slopes were temporarily closed there; the risk of avalanches remains at the resorts.

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