Housing sales fell in October, the most popular districts have been announced

Housing sales fell in October, the most popular districts have been announced

Emlakjet published October real estate data for Turkey in general.

According to the statement made by the company, housing sales across Turkey decreased by 8.7 percent in October compared to the same period last year, reaching 93 thousand 761, while it decreased by 14.3 percent in 10 months, reaching 993 thousand 835.

While mortgaged house sales across Turkey decreased by 58 percent to 5,577, the share of mortgaged sales in total decreased to 5.9 percent.

According to Emlakjet data, while there was no increase in sales prices across Turkey in October compared to the previous month, rental housing prices decreased by 4 percent. There was a 4 percent decrease in rental prices in the previous month. The trend of searching for houses for rent and sale increased in favor of houses for sale in October, and 56 percent of the searches were for houses for sale and 44 percent for houses for rent.


While Istanbul ranked first among the cities where housing was sought the most, the megacity attracted attention for the first time with the decrease in both sales and monthly price changes. In October, housing prices for sale in Istanbul decreased by 1 percent and rentals decreased by 3 percent compared to the previous month. In the top 10 most searched houses, the prices of houses for sale decreased in 4 cities and rental houses decreased in 6 cities. The province where rents decreased the most was Antalya with 6 percent.

Beylikdüzü was the leader in the housing search ranking among districts, followed by Çankaya and Bursa Osmangazi.


Emlakjet Chief Executive (CEO) Tolga İdikat, whose evaluations on the subject were included in the statement, talked about the research they conducted on the districts that have been on the public agenda for a while and have the expectation of becoming a province.

Stating that according to the answers they received from Emlakjet participants, there is an expectation of being a province mostly for Alanya and Bandırma districts, İdikat said:

“There is also an opinion that the value of real estate will increase if the districts in question become provinces. According to the compilation we made from our own data, acting with this expectation, we see that the sales and rental price increases in the said districts are upward, except for Alanya. In addition, in our survey, the participants’ interest in these districts “There is also an enthusiasm for investment. Alanya is a district where seasonal price fluctuations occur every year. Therefore, although it is the district with the highest potential to become a province, the price change for sale and rental is negative. The most important reason for this is that we are entering the winter months.”

Talking about the decline in housing sales, İdikat said that those who want to buy a house continue to expect a low-interest loan campaign, and that if such a campaign is implemented, sales will increase.

Emlakjet Prestige Plus member Şengül Güler also gave information about the latest developments in the Bandırma real estate market.

Noting that the rental housing portfolio in the region has come to a halt and there is a slowdown in housing for sale, Güler explained that the demand for land and fields in the district and the interest of investors from Istanbul are increasing day by day.

Meryem Güngör from Emlakjet Premium member Pier Alanya office stated that there is currently a stagnation in the Alanya market and said, “The high housing loan interest rates have brought the demand to a halt. We can also show the closure of some regions to foreign sales as the reason for this.”

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