How much will Carmen Calvo earn as president of the Council of State

How much will Carmen Calvo earn as president of the Council of State

Carmen Calvo is the Government’s proposal for the presidency of the Council of State. The PSOE politician, former vice president of the first coalition government with Unidas Podemos, has already renounced her deputy status as part of the procedures necessary for her appointment.

Calvo’s arrival to the Council of State comes after the decision of the Supreme Court of overthrow the appointment of Magdalena Valerio because It was not a jurist of recognized prestige.

Calvo recognized this Monday in the Chain Being the future appointment and defended it against the rejection of many political forces, even within Sumar, the coalition partner of the PSOE: “You have some acronyms and some ideas that people know what they are, what happens is that then your work You have to perform it with a certain nobility.”

The socialist has defended that her appointment “It is part of the uses and customs of politics“and he has gone to the figure of John F. Kennedy, of whom he recalled that he appointed his brother attorney general of the United States.

Be that as it may, the appointment of Carmen Calvo will mean that Córdoba politics will have a new salary as president of the Council of State. This remuneration, along with that of other senior positions such as the President of the Government, Vice Presidents, Ministers or Secretaries of State, is regulated in the General State Budgets.

Carmen Calvo’s salary as president of the Council of State

In the absence of knowing whether there will be Budgets for 2024 or those for 2023 will be extended, we have the data for the General Budgets for 2023, which in article 21 (can be consulted at this link) leave the salary of the presidency of the Council of State in 90,383.28 euros gross per year.

This salary, the Budgets report, is distributed in 12 monthly payments without the right to extra payments. To this amount, any seniority supplements that may apply based on current regulations may be added.

What is the Council of State and what functions does it have?

The Council of State is an institution with almost centuries of history. It was born in 1526, during the reign of Charles V, and is the supreme advisory body of Spain, as reported on its own website.

Organic Law 3/1980, of April 22 (You can check it out at this link) is responsible for regulating everything related to the Council of State, including its functions, which are the following:

  • Ensure compliance with the Constitution and the rest of the legal system, assessing “the aspects of opportunity and convenience when required by the nature of the matter or expressly requested by the consulting authority.”
  • Issue an opinion on any matters submitted by the Government or its members for consultation. These opinions could be mandatory in the event that some laws establish it, but in no case will they be binding.
  • Carry out studies, reports or reports that the Government requests and prepare legislative or constitutional reform proposals that the Government entrusts to it. In parallel, it may carry out the studies, reports or reports “that it deems appropriate for the best performance of its functions.”

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