How to build a real-life three-dimensional city? Read it in one article →

How to build a real-life three-dimensional city? Read it in one article →


With the advent of the digital age, the importance of spatial information has become increasingly prominent.Real 3DAs a new way of expressing spatial data, it has become a hot research topic worldwide. However, as a completely new technical system,Real 3DChina’s construction faces many challenges, such asdata collectionWith processing, quality control, standards and specifications, etc., the most critical issue is how to effectively apply this advanced technological achievement to various fields of national economy and social development.

As a “data + application” service provider for sky-to-ground remote sensing, Feiyan Remote Sensing has the capabilities of the entire industry chain.Real 3Ddigital twin support capabilities, covered during project implementationdata collectionprocessing and application, etc., we have accumulated a lot of experience and providedReal 3DChina Construction provides integrated solutions that can be learned, implemented and promoted.

Open Space: Provide high-precision and high-efficiency collection technical support

High-precision lidar, dronesoblique photographyThe acquisition of massive data sources such as measurements and close-up ground perspective shots isReal 3DOne of the key links for the orderly development of construction.Feiyan remote sensing meets the needs through purchase and developmentReal 3DThe high-efficiency collection equipment integrated with software and hardware built in China realizes multi-source, integrated and high-precision collection of air and ground data to meet the needs ofReal 3DThe rapid update of data base collection requirements greatly reduces the time and labor costs of collecting ultra-large-scale and massive data sources.

Multi-source integration: providing high qualityReal 3Dreconstruction

ForReal 3DWith multi-source data processing requirements, the Feiyan remote sensing team uses intelligent surveying and mapping data as a guide to process and produce multi-modal data.DOM,DEM,DSM,DLGand3D real scene, forming terrain-level scenes and city-level scenes. By integrating self-developed algorithm technology, we can automatically identify the structure and texture characteristics of buildings, roads, vegetation, trees, etc., and optimize the textures of building structures and moving vehicles, power lines, tree shadows, etc. during the data production process. Achieve high-quality reconstruction of the overall model.


Application Oriented: BuildReal 3DSpatiotemporal big data application platform

time and spaceGeographical information dataDriven by flow, it adopts the core technology architecture of cloud services, links IoT smart devices, integrates the latest ICT technologies such as AI, big data, and IOT, and provides one-stop services for intelligent digital twin applications with all elements, all scenarios, and the entire life cycle. . The platform product that quickly integrates the “Sky and Ground Network” multi-source heterogeneous data aims to build a “1+2+N” architecture system, that is, the construction idea of ​​”one data base, two centers, and N scenario applications” to empower Application scenarios in forestry, water conservancy, tourism, agriculture and rural areas and other industries.

“Measure” a data base and “draw” a beautiful blueprint. Facing the construction of digital China,Real 3DThe data base can meet the needs of natural resource management and geographical space construction, and meet the needs of natural resource supervision and protection, land spatial planning,Smart Citycultural heritage protection and other fields of digital construction needs.


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