Human rights: BASF separates from two joint ventures in China

Human rights: BASF separates from two joint ventures in China

The German chemical company BASF sells its shares in two Chinese joint ventures. The company justified the separation with allegations of human rights violations against Chinese partners with whom it runs the two subsidiaries. Accordingly, BASF’s partners are said to be involved in the oppression of the Uighur minority in the Chinese province of Xinjang.

The situation in Xinjang is “always part of BASF’s overall assessment of its joint ventures in Korla,” the company said. The town of Korla lies in the center of the region. “Regular due diligence measures (…) did not reveal any evidence of human rights violations in the two joint ventures.” Nevertheless, recently published reports about BASF’s partner contained serious allegations that indicate activities “that are not compatible with BASF’s values.”

Employees of a BASF partner company are said to be in Xinjang, according to reports mirror and ZDF spied on Uighurs. According to the company, there were no allegations against employees of the subsidiaries in which BASF has a stake. Nevertheless, the sales process, which has been ongoing since the end of 2023, will be accelerated.

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