Imaginarium lowers the blinds forever in Spain

Imaginarium lowers the blinds forever in Spain


Imaginarium has announced that it is closing in Spain, so its career “comes to an end”, as it has informed consumers through a statement on its profile on the Facebook social network. «Dear families, mothers, fathers, grandmothers… You may have noticed that for a few days our website no longer works. We have held out until the last moment, until our last breath, to ‘press the button’ and say goodbye. With a heart full of mixed emotions and after many years, we are sad to inform you that Imaginarium is coming to an end,” the company noted in its profile.

The Spanish toy company was born in Zaragoza in October 1992 as a value-added multi-channel retail company with its own design and brand, specialized in the sale of toys and products for children, and whose symbol was its ‘double door’, one for adults and a smaller one for children.

Imaginarium, which was listed on the Alternative Stock Market until it was delisted on February 2, 2022, throughout its history had nearly 800 workers and more than 420 stores spread across about 20 countries.

The toy company has shown its “sincere gratitude” to customers for their “loyalty, fidelity and support over the years.” “It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of your life and the lives of your children, providing them with moments of joy and fun through our toys,” she said.

He also wanted to highlight in his goodbye the “hard work and dedication” that the team has shown in these years where “they have fought until the end, until the last minute.” “We say goodbye with gratitude and knowing that we have contributed to making this world better,” the company stressed in its farewell message.

The toy company, which has also closed its website, which is not operational, has made an email address available to customers ([email protected]) for those who have an incident.

Toy stores in Spain are not going through their best moment, since the closure of Imaginarium joins the recent decision adopted by Poly Juguetes, which filed voluntary bankruptcy proceedings with creditors in the Commercial Court in March and opened a collective dismissal procedure for the extinction of all of the company’s 186 workers.

The toy company, which is part of Teal Group Holdings, a family of brands that also includes The Entertainer, Early Learning Center and Addo, considers it “unviable” to maintain the business in Spain, where it has about thirty stores, as it is not the right conditions for it.


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