In Moscow, the demand for parking spaces has increased by one and a half times

In Moscow, the demand for parking spaces has increased by one and a half times

According to Rosreestr, in the third quarter of 2023, 3.8 thousand parking spaces were sold in Moscow under equity participation agreements (DPA). For comparison, in July–September 2022, one and a half times fewer contracts were registered – 2.3 thousand.

At the same time, a significant part of parking in new buildings is purchased at the stage after the facility is put into operation and is not reflected in the sales data at the pre-development stage. “This is due to the fact that in the mass segment, home buyers begin to think about parking after receiving the keys to the apartment. In addition, during the construction of a residential building, a certain time passes during which the client can accumulate funds,” explained Roman Rodiontsev, director of the project consulting department at Est-a-Tet.

Several factors influenced the increased activity of buyers. Among them are a sharp rise in the price of vehicles, an expansion of paid parking zones in the capital, an increase in building density, the depreciation of the ruble, and special promotions by developers.

“The number of transactions has been growing steadily over the past three months,” admitted Ruslan Syrtsov, managing director of Metrium. In his opinion, against the backdrop of an increase in the Central Bank’s key rate, many citizens rushed to purchase parking spaces on a mortgage on the same, more favorable terms. As a rule, the owners of parking spaces become the owners of apartments in a given residential complex. But there are also 5–10% of rentier buyers who are focused on renting out parking spaces for long-term rent.

As the managing partner of, founder of BEST-Novostroy, Irina Dobrokhotova, noted, as of mid-October, about 16.4 thousand parking spaces were on display for open sale on the Moscow primary market. In 2023, 26 projects with underground parking were launched, which is 4% more than in 2022.

On average, there are 20–30 parking spaces per 100 apartments, added Tatyana Podkidysheva, executive director of NDV Supermarket Real Estate. According to her estimates, the most affordable prices for parking spaces are recorded in Lublin – from 950 thousand rubles, in Yuzhny Butovo, Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Kryukov and Dmitrovsky district – from 1.1–1.2 million rubles. In comfort class, the average price of a parking space is 1.5–2 million rubles, in business class – 3–4 million rubles, in premium class – 4–5 million rubles. “On average, a parking space in Moscow today costs 3.3 million rubles. Last fall, the average price tag was 2.6 million rubles,” added Rodiontsev.

The most expensive parking spaces are presented in projects in the Central Administrative District (on average 739.5 thousand rubles per sq. m), the most affordable ones are in the Nenets Autonomous District (on average 93.1 thousand rubles per sq. m). Average price per sq. m of parking spaces in new buildings in Moscow is 142.8 thousand rubles, which is 10.4% more than a year earlier,” Syrtsov noted. According to him, the cost of a parking space depends on a number of factors: the class and stage of construction readiness of the project, the type of parking (underground, surface), the presence of additional options in the parking lot (elevator to the lobby, charging for electric cars, detailing center).

“In multi-level free-standing parking, the highest prices are on the ground floor, and the most affordable offer is on the roof. If we are talking about underground parking, then the most expensive spaces are located on the minus first floor,” recalled Valery Kochetkov, director of the “New Buildings” department of INCOM Real Estate.

Parking area varies depending on the project. Usually its standard size is about 13–14 square meters. m, enlarged – 17–22 sq. m. Also, many parking lots offer motorcycle spaces; their area is about 6–7 square meters.

It should be noted that most developers begin to sell parking spaces shortly before the residential complex is put into operation. The fewer parking lots, the more expensive they are, naturally. Typically, demand increases sharply when the house is more than 80% occupied: then there is a collapse in the parking space near the house.

Rodiontsev advises, if possible, to purchase a parking space during the construction phase, when there is a wide choice and you can choose a place closer to the elevator, with convenient access and, possibly, with free space nearby – all this will affect the comfort of its operation.

“Often, when buying an apartment, the developer offers the buyer some pleasant bonuses for parking spaces: this could be a discount or a favorable mortgage program. There are even complexes that offer a parking space as a gift when purchasing an apartment,” says Dobrokhotova. In her opinion, in addition to the parking lot itself, it is advisable to purchase a mini-keller for seasonal storage of tires: many developers offer such premises located directly at the parking level. In this case, time and effort for seasonal storage are significantly saved; there is no need to rent space in car service centers or look for any storage space at all. Plus, you don’t have to worry that the auto center will close and you won’t be able to get your tires.

Experts are divided on where prices will go by the end of the year. Valery Kochetkov is confident that due to winter weather conditions, the demand for parking spaces will increase by 30% by the end of the year. Ruslan Syrtsov believes that given the high level of the Central Bank key rate and, accordingly, expensive mortgages for new buildings and underground parking, the primary market for parking spaces in Moscow will experience stagnation.

TOP 10 metropolitan areas with budget underground parking in new buildings, rub.

No. District Min. price

1 Lyublino 959 236

2 Yuzhnoye Butovo 1,107,677

3 Khoroshevo-Mnevniki 1 160 023

4 Kryukovo 1 160 295

5 Dmitrovsky 1 253 166

6 Otradnoye 1 314 944

7 Yuzhnoportovy 1,321,209

8 Nizhny Novgorod 1 369 621

9 Tsaritsyno 1 384 597

10 Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo 1,412,789

Source: NDV Supermarket Real Estate.

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