Incentives for renewables, the GSE assigns over 1 GW

Incentives for renewables, the GSE assigns over 1 GW

In the thirteenth announcement of the race Energy services manager (Gse)with which the energy produced by the renewables1,041 MW of power have been allocated to wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric systems, on 1,627 MW of power made available. As a result of these results, the overall power admitted in the 13 procedures managed by the GSE rises to 7.3 GW, equal to over 91% of the 8 GW of available power envisaged by the Ministerial Decree of 4 July 2019.

Participation in the procedure, driven by the adjustment to inflation of the reference tariffs and by the introduction of greater flexibility in the mechanisms for reallocating quotas, recorded 163 access requests, between auctions and registers, for a total of approximately 1,125 MW required.

The available power quotas, indicated in the tenders of 17 October 2023, have been reallocated according to the mechanisms provided for by the Ministerial Decree of 4 July 2019, and integrated by Legislative Decree 199/2021. As a result of the reallocation, it was possible to admit over 200 MW in the Group A auction in excess of the available quota of 772 MW, for a total of 1,001 MW of admitted capacity. In the group A register, 46 plants were admitted for a total power of 34.7 MW, while in the group B register 8 plants were admitted for a total power of 1 MW, although the respective quotas initially available were zero. Furthermore, 9 plants were admitted to the A2 group register for a total power of 4.4 MW.

The requests for access to incentives for permitted systems they must be submitted via the Fer-E portal within 30 calendar days from the date of entry into operation, according to the methods specified by the operating regulation for access to incentives. Requests for access to incentives, for plants admitted and already in operation, can be submitted starting from today and no later than 10 March 2024. The GSE will send, within 10 days, a communication with the reasons for the exclusion.

In the next few days the GSE, following the update by Istat of the Consumer Price Index (NIC), will communicate the opening date of the fourteenth Fer registers and auctions procedure and the publication of the related notices with the indication of the available power contingents.

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